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InGenious is looking for talented builders!

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created 05/23/2019 12:22 am by NoodleLike

Hello! I am NoodleLike, member of InGenious
And we're currently looking for people who are really passionate about building!
Step One

Contacting the Leaders

The first step to applying is to contact the team. There are many options for this. You may join the discord server, (@discord.gg/wR4MAv6), or by emailing us at [email protected]


Step Two

Reading the Rules

Once we contact you back, we will find a time where you can build for us, to see if you can build competently. We don't expect you to be a pro! Just good enough to satisfy our clients. In your build, you will be judged on creativity, design, and technique. Each section is worth 10 points.


Step Three

Building for us

Once you read all the rules, you will have 30 minutes to build any build of your choice. Once you finish, you will be judged on the categories. Note that plagiarizing will result in creativity being zero, and it's likely you will fail. Incomplete builds will lose you points varying on how much is unfinished
Good Luck! :D
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