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If You Are Interested in Joining a Server Development Team Then Tap Into This Thread to Learn More

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created 09/10/2019 3:44 pm by Cyrus_The_Great
I'm putting together a server development team in order to start a new medieval faction warfare based server with recruit-able units & full of adventure, based on Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings world.

The server will be modded with only one server side mod so it wont be to trouble-some, but the mod adds everything.

If you think you would be interested in that sort of thing then get in contact with me by following these two simple steps

Step 1 - Reply to this thread
Step 2 - Wait for my response, in which I will send you a link to my discord server & we can talk!

All ask is that those who are interested, have a mic & be mature. Some exceptions can be made for the mic but you absolutely must be mature. Thank you & hope to see some activity on this thread soon!
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