Looking for ambitious, dedicated and mature individuals to work on this project!

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rambochingo started 04/06/2020 5:49 pm history
Naxiey replied 04/09/2020 10:32 am

My IGN is rambochingo but you can call me Joe. I am looking for a ambitious, dedicated and mature staff team for my new project idea!

We currently have 3 servers, a bungee, a lobby and a factions server. We need lots of dedicated people to make this happen as once the factions is set up we will begin work on the MMORPG server!

The current idea is a custom MMORPG server set in a vast fantasy world, with fully automated story/quests, factions and classes!

The goal of this server will be to grow an active and diverse community of MC lovers ranging from the OG players to New players!

I understand this may be a lot to ask from people and may be a bit too naggy, but I must lay down some requirements :P

Keep in mind, these could potentially end up being "Paid Positions" meaning, if the server is successful and the community grows, the work you do for the community and staff team will not go unnoticed and payment could be given! Please remember to be eligible for this you must pass the requirements to join the staff team, please do not lie to me as I will find out :)

Current contact information

Discord link - https://discord.gg/exzntGa
My discord details - wonk#3736

What I am currently looking for!

(Community Side) -

- Community Manager x1
- Website Manager x1 (can fall under Community Manager)
- Discord Manager x1
- Server Manager(/s) x1(2)

(Server Side) -

- Temporary Builders x4-6 (Once server building is complete, can continue as an operator > moderator if wanted)
- Operators x3
- Moderators x2

- Administrators x2
- Server Developers x1-2 (ie configuring plugins, managing server data and optimizing server performance)
- Plugin Developers x1 (terms will be discussed)


Please follow these requirements and do not abuse them! I am serious about this project and only want mature and dedicated people!

Must be at least 16 years of age to work Server Side!
- Must be at least 18 years of age to work Community Side!
- Must have prior experience working on minecraft servers with increased capacity! (have proof or reference if possible)
- Willing to attend weekly meetings regarding your department (important)
- Be active every day if possible and keep at least 15 hours activity on server per week (subject to change)

= end of requirements :p =

Thank you for reading this post and thank you for showing interest in this project, I do hope this becomes true and is successful in short time!

- rambochingo ;)

The current MMORPG map under development!

Some fancy screenshots!

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04/08/2020 3:34 pm
Level 26 : Expert Dragon
these screenshots are awesome ^^ the custom world to work with will be amazing!
04/06/2020 7:13 pm
Level 27 : Expert Pixel Painter
Man, too bad I have too much schoolwork, otherwise I would gladly join your discord staff team
04/06/2020 7:16 pm
Level 1 : New Network
I understand :D

Do not worry, there is always time for you to join on!
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