Looking for builders for a big project.

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Noah started 4/29/17 8:02 pm
and replied 5/4/2017 6:30 pm
Hello! Today I am here to find some dedicated builders to help build for a server. This server will be based around Gun PVP. There will be multiple gamemodes. One of which are duels. Duels are 1v1 through 5v5 maps where teams have custom loadout and fight to the death. There is also a battle royale, similar to hunger games. There is around 24 players that could possibly team with others, but only one can be the winner. Then there is open-world pvp. You go out and loot for weapons and gear and bring them back to your storage vault, then you keep what you want to pvp with in your inventory and go back out to the Resource World.
Now here is the important part, we are needing players that would want to work on their own individual duel maps, or work together with our build team and make a resource world or battle royale map. When building you will need to always think how PVP would work with the map, just because a map is pretty, doesn't mean it's good.
Requirements for builder
- Discord (Voice App)
- Dedication. We want players to spend a dedicated amount of hours a week.

- Friendly. We want our builders to be friendly and cooperative.
- Maturity. We love to have fun, but when you are building we would prefer not to have too much distractions!

If you are still wanting to apply for builder, please fill out this application. Thank you!

In Game Name :

Age :

Discord (Required) :

Building experience? (Portfolio) :

How much time are you willing to help build on the server? :

Timezone :

Anything you'd like to tell us? :
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04/30/2017 9:18 pm
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IGN: SuperNerd22
Age: 15
Discord: SuperNerd22
Exp: Amara Build Team. I have led that build as well as things on my profile page
Time: I could put anywhere from 5-10 hrs a week in
Timezone: CST
Info: I am an experienced builder who isn't afraid to work hard. I would love to help create a map

contact me at SuperNerd_22@hotmail.com
05/04/2017 6:30 pm
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We need your four digits after the discord name.
04/30/2017 9:04 pm
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In Game Name :chichilahobo99

Age : 17

Discord (Required) : Morty#9421

Building experience? (Portfolio) : little building experience in minecraft but I have alot of building experience in shooters such as Counter Strike.

How much time are you willing to help build on the server? :as long as I dont have any projects that I'm working on I would be willing to put in 5-20 hours a week depending on how the current build is going.

Timezone : PST

Anything you'd like to tell us? :I feel like I can give an interesting perspective to the maps since I have made maps for 5v5/1v1 before in Counter Strike. I also know a lot about balancing in maps.
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