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Looking for Dedicated builders to help on a Bungeecorded network

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created 11/18/2019 6:23 pm by LKprime
Hey guys I am looking for some builders who can be dedicated and help with building on a factions server. We are a small network looking to grow and add more servers. There will be lots of builds to do and our factions a lot will have a new spawn fairly often so there will be lots to do. We are looking for 2 things

Both of these positions need to have a eye for detail and also live somewhere in the NA so that we can all work better together.


We are looking for someone to take lead on builds and to help delegate to the rest of the build team what is needed.

Having a eye for detail.
Can help delegate what needs to be done to other builders while able to help out.
Able to help out across multiple servers if asked.
Needs to live in NA
Be able to use discord.


Have a eye for detail.
Good at working with a team.
Needs to live in NA
Be able to use discord.

These qualities are very important as we plan on doing a lot with our network. Please be able to dedicate some time during the day either its after school or work.

Add me on discord if interested! LKPrime#2030
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