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Looking for Developer for upcoming Skyblock server

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created 06/06/2019 10:26 pm by YaBoiPottis
last reply 06/20/2019 4:26 am
Hello Fellow Minecraft enthusiasts, My name is Justin or better known as Pottsie05. Recently my friend and I decided to start making a skyblock server. I know how to do a decent amount of plugins and know my way around the easy , simple plugins. But we were looking for a developer who could help out on the server whenever my friend and I are stumped. This means that if i do not understand why a plugin is not working or how to add one that i haven't used before, i expect you to know how to add and use it (Or figure it out). I know that someone like this does not come free, so once the server gets on its feet, depending on how much you help out, i will pay you for your service.

IF you are interested in this, please join the discord linked below or pm me on discord using the info below, thank you and have a good day! (P.S the server has not been made yet)

Discord link: discord.gg/8d8Qumb " rel="nofollow" target="_blank">discord.gg/8d8Qumb

Discord name: Pottis #0541
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06/20/2019 4:26 am
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The discord link is invalid, but let me know what kind of plugins you are thinking about adding and or having issues with more than happy to help for free in my free time.

You just need to let me know what version of minecraft the server is running and what version of the plugin you are trying to have configured or setup.

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