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ExodusRaids6/19/17 5:54 pm
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6/20/2017 8:25 pm
Hello There Fellow Minecraftians!

I am a professional server and forums developer, And I have been looking into working on a new project for a while now.
I have come to PlanetMinecraft as it is one of the most popular minecraft platforms out there excluding the official minecraft forums!

I have come to request funding for a server / network that I have been developing, and coming up with concepts for, for a long time now.
I have a large amount of experience with Java and C# Languages, and know the ins and outs of bukkit and spigot coding.

What I Can offer:
+ Server Development & Configuration
+ Forums Development & Configuration
+ Buycraft Setups, Themes & Configuration
+ Professional Server Management
+ Purchasing Of Effective Advertising
+ Finding Freelance Builders to work for good prices.
+ Creating Custom and Unique Content for your server!

What I Require From You:
+ I Require you to have a flexible budget, And know what you are doing when it comes to being the founder of a server.
+ Have some prior experience with minecraft, Since I can handle a majority of the server-side knowledge.
+ When I Say Flexible Budget, I require you to be open with such budgets, And I will be informing you on what to spend it on, and where to get effective advertising and how to go about disputing advertisements.

- I will not offer any of my own funding, Only my services.

If you are interested in these services, Comment below or add me on discord.

Discord Username: сука#5823
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06/20/2017 8:25 pm
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I added you on discord
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