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Looking for staff members for a upcoming network

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created 08/22/2019 9:46 am by Tyyppi_PVP history
last reply 08/23/2019 1:07 am
[p]I am looking for staff members to apply to my new and upcoming network. What I will say as of right now is that we will be having 2 different gamemodes for people to play. The gamemodes are Skylock and Factions and we are currently working on them[/p]

[p]You can apply for any position you desire to but please bare in mind that if you apply let's say for sr.admin (the highest you can apply) and in my opinion your skills are more mod class you will either be denied or I will decide if I will let you get the position[/p]
What will you need to know and what do you need to have?
-you will need to be active and know how to deal with players
-you must keep your cool all the time
-you must be professional and fair[/p]
[p]-you must be more experienced and know how to lead a team for ANY Senior(Sr) position!

I will be happy to provide more information just ask!
If you are intrested in applying be sure to add me on discord Tyyppi_pvp#3527[/p]

When you join head to #apply and follow the instructions

You may also join our discord:
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1 reply

08/23/2019 1:07 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
UPDATE: We are looking for

Planet Minecraft



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