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MatureGamingNetwork | I need a team for Servers

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created 10/22/2019 8:27 pm by MatureGamingNetwork
I have a small network right now, but before I want to try to get more players i would like to establish some servers. Right now i have a custom pvp server, and complete towny server. I would like to add factions and maybe a minigames server. The thing is, is I have no idea on how to approach on making the minigames server as i dont play minigames. And for factions I haven't played factions in a long while too. With that being said Im trying to find some people that have knowledge on them, and would like to help me start to create one.

You can pm me here on make a comment down below.
if you want to reach me by discord tho you can Get_Hist_Wallet#3883
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