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MCSiege - Recruiting Moderators!

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created 08/17/2019 5:20 pm by spojell
last reply 08/18/2019 7:48 am
Hello Planet Minecraft!
My name is spojell and I'm the Owner and Founder of a server called MCSiege! MCSiege is a custom PvP server that focuses on improving players PvP! We're currently in maintenance mode and that's just because I'm searching for Moderators that can join and help me before we launch.

What we are looking for:
I'm searching for dedicated Staff Members that is over the age of 13 that's mature and enjoy helping others. When joining our Staff Team you will be able to join a subteam that we've created, our subteams in currently Support Team, Map Submissions Team and Content Creator Team. All of these subteams handles a certain part of the server and all Moderators should be a member of at least one of them! As I said before, we are searching for dedicated Staff Members that can be both active and has good knowledge about moderation.

Our server
MCSiege is a PvP server that helps players improve their own PvP. Our plugins is currently in development and will soon be ready to use. We are currently in the alpha testing part of the server and that means that we are testing our maps, building maps, fixing bugs and much more. And please be aware of that the server is right now in maintenance mode and regular players cannot join.

Would you like to help me out on the server by doing an application for the Moderator role? Then just follow these simple steps and you should be accepted.
Your application must be sent to and should be called: <playername> - Moderator Application
Now when your done with that, please use these questions and answear them as good as you can.

Application Template

Good luck!
- spojell
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08/18/2019 7:48 am
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Good luck! 👍

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