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Minecraft Faction Server

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created 05/19/2019 1:23 pm by MRMEGAMING_

So my aim from this is to create a Minecraft factions Server.

I have a brief knowledge of the configs of certain plugins but
not enough to create what i'm aspiring to make. I have tried installing
multiple plugins so far but everything has become a bit of a mess. I will
attach a screenshot of what i have tried to do so far.

The server i have is currently being hosted by Apex Minecraft Server
which is who i am going to be using as they provide good anti-dedos Severs.
The only downfall is that it the version of craft bukkit that it provides is 1.13.2
but preferably i would like 1.4.1 (the latest version) so new players can join.

The plugins i am going to want on my server are:


This could take some time to config them all together but im willing to pay! :)

I am happy to provide the Apex hosting Username
and password (obviously) and also the FTP File access.

Please Contact Me!


Matt - MRME
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