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Minecraft Lore of the Woods | Survival Roleplay | Lead Voice Actor Needed

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created 08/25/2019 4:23 pm by Etlas_Miles
Hello everyone,

Just a quick introduction, I am an aspiring Youtuber and right now I am working on a project which will be coming soon on the channel. As of now, I am just working on a simple Minecraft series but after that I will be focusing on this project.

Details about this project:

Minecraft: Lore of the Woods is a survival/adventure series where I survive in the Life in the Woods modpack created by Phedran. Throughout my journey, I will come across ruined buildings and structures that I will try to make a short story. In terms of the span of this series, it really depends since they are lots of ruins and structures in this modpack.


Discord- For the V.As lines and the other staff

Microphone (it doesn't necessarily have to be good as long as the background noise is greatly minimized)

Ages 13 and above. ( the individual must be responsible and mature enough to handle the given task)

For voice samples please send me a link of your soundcloud so I can listen to it.

Lead Role: The Traveller

The character can vary, whether it is a boy or a girl. Since there will be narration while the story is being told, I suggest that you try to visualize as well the setting to get a better feel of what's happening. For whomever will be picked, I will as much as possible send the documents slightly earlier.

P.S. If you are doing an accent please specify which accent it is in the voice sample description.


1. "Excuse me, where is the road to this place?" (Question)

2. "What happened here?!" (Shocked)

3. "I need to be prepared, night time will come soon"

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is an unpaid project-----------------------------------------------------
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