Need a youtube to publish My Minecraft Machinemas!

Zhen89308/11/15 12:07 pm
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Im Matthew, and we can leave it at that for now.
I am a machinema maker.
Well I don't do it by myself I have a couple other people helping me but thats beside the point.
I know my videos will be funny they just need exposure and I need a youtuber that can give me a good amount of exposure!
Not only will you be helping my channel grow but you will also give your audience a very entertaining video series!
There are only a few requirements for you to fulfill and we can get started, even further if you would like you could help with the machinemas and we could do some collaborations!

1000+ subscribers
100 People watch per video
100+ views
And thats it!
You can message me @ Zhen_8930 on skype!!!
Thank you and have a great day!!!
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