New Project- San Fransokyo? (Big Hero 6)

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Fenean started 03/30/2015 7:26 pm
Ellie replied 04/30/2017 10:23 am
Oh, uh, hey there! I guess my project interested you.

So I recently watched the movie Big Hero 6, and have found myself wanting to play on a map of San Fransokyo, the city where almost all the events take place (It's a mash up of San Fancisco and Tokyo).

But alas, I cannot find a minecraft map ANYWHERE, which is a bit surprising, since it's been out since last year.

Being myself, I immediately decided to begin building a map. And being myself, I obviously cannot build it all alone. Enter this forum post.

If you're interested in helping me maybe re-create this awesome map, please fill out the application below, and if I accept it, I'll add you to the minecraft realm being used to host the map. You don't have to have the best building skills, just an enthusiasm towards building!


Minecraft Username:

Have you seen Big Hero 6? (It's okay if you haven't but still, it's an awesome movie!):

Do you have any way I could contact you easier? (Skype, etc.):

Why do you want to help build this map?:

Thanks for your time!

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04/30/2017 10:23 am
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04/30/2017 8:17 am
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I need this map for a minecraft Kingdom Hearts roleplay i am working on so i would be more than happy to help you ^u^ You still wanting to make this?
09/07/2015 10:10 am
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Name: Jacques Marais

Minecraft Username: ComamndFox

Have you seen Big Hero 6?: Yes, and it's awesome, and also very funny at some parts.

Do you have any way I could contact you easier?: I have Skype, commandfoxmc is my username for Skype. My email is commandfox.mc@gmail.com

Why do you want to help build this map?: I want to start using my building skills on bigger projects. I am also very good at redstone and command blocks, and I think that San Francisco will require lots of command blocks and redstone for all the decoration.
09/06/2015 11:52 am
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hi i'd love to help i can contact you using facetime!
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