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🌎OCHA Factions Survival Server📔APPLICATIONS OPEN💪APPLY TODAY!💥Looking for builders!⚒️1.14.4🔮

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created 08/17/2019 11:13 pm by Mr_Cakey
Hello everyone! The OCHA Factions Survival Server is looking for builders, staff, developers, recruiters, and players!
OCHA runs on Paper 1.14.4 with over 50 plugins, most of which are RPG/MMO oriented.

Now, here's what separates OCHA from the rest:

Players can band together and bring pets and duke it out in arenas for magical items, custom enchantments, and money!

We will also offer Tabletop RPG style dungeon-raiding, in which adventurers can group up and take on custom-made mobs and bosses through many questlines to become the greatest crusaders!

If you don't want to take on an adversarial relationship with players and mobs, you can become a merchant and sell goods of any kind to become the wealthiest in the land!

Regardless of how you earn your coin, we have a full rankup system with ranks from F-S tier, along with 9 prestiges!

In terms of recruitment, we mainly need builders and recruiters*!
If you want to build for our server, here are some prerequisites:
-have a basic understanding of WorldEdit
-proficiency in building medieval structures (villages, castles, fortresses, dungeons, etc.)
-have a basic understanding of SchematicBrush

If you want to administrate for our server, here are the prerequisites:
-knowledge of where and how to download plugins
-basic understanding of plugin configuration
-knowledge of places to recruit new players/builders/staff
-basic human emotional intelligence
-general friendliness

*This is a passion project. We are not "hiring" people to help us. Even if we wanted to hire builders and staff, we can't pay anyone for helping on the server at the moment, as we're already pretty deep in the hole financially.
We are sorry if this is inconvenient to you.

Please add me on Discord if you want to discuss this further: Mr_Cakey#4942
Our staff manager is GorillaNL#0064
And, of course, here is the OCHA Factions Survival Server Discord link:
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