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Be greeted, fellow minecraftians!

Our community is around for quite a while now (5 years to be exact) and we eventually decided to crawl out of our comfort zone protected by our almighty guest list. We opened our server for everyone who wants to take a glance at our projects, many of them being presented here at Planet Minecraft.

About us

Æonis was founded back in 2016 by the remaining members of the former build team Glaciem, which disbanded due to several reasons. Being a group of two people at the beginning, we gathered some old and new friends to form what is today known as Æonis. While Glaciem is the spiritual successor of our current work, it marks also the environment in which we started our current projects and continue to work on these since then. Many of the thoughts behind Glaciem still are part of our directive and we want to create a humble place for people to enjoy theirselves and feel home.

While the server work mainly comprises building things, there is an excessive part of work done outside Minecraft. We created a Wikia to channel all our ideas for our world setting into there, and create art to imaginize this world even further.
Having said these introductory things, you may ask what is it all about then? Æonis is not only the name of our community, but also the name of the planet our fictional setting takes place on. Digging a bit in the history of our thinking process, we had only two nations at the beginning, Castaire and Cantoras, which should be antagonistic to each other. But while the whole setting grew, we also imagined new nations, other continents etc., and finally named our planet Æonis, derived from greek aiōn, meaning age or eternity. As a planet exists a seemingly endless time for it's inhabitants, the population uses this name since the development of languages.

Now to delve a bit more into the actual setting: the world of Æonis takes place in the late 18th century, currently writing the year 1765. The nations of Esradon (Europe) are currently gripped in a great war, fighting for the crown of Cantoras, an important nation and naval power in the northwest of Esradon. The main combattants are the Empire Castairien, a nearly hegemonial power in western Esradon, its southern neighbour Escaloña, the worlds premier colonial power, and the rivaling archduchy Osterlitz, being the leading power within Reikenland. The struggle of all the smaller and bigger powers to acquire their intended strength is the backbone of our setting.

These nations also create the framework of another important part of our work. We heavily personalised the setting with important characters, as this makes the whole thing feel way more real. Our server ranks are then heavily inspired by the social classes of the different characters, e.g. our staff often personalises royal people, like Stevecurious or Flo0498. There are plenty more characters, and even more to be created.

This whole setting concludes our actual plans for our Minecraft server, where we are currently trying to recreate a small part of Castaire, namely its capital Lucrécy with the surrounding kingdom of Chastaine, including several cities (Mallais) and villages (Liramond, Boisville, Elrymére, Ravone etc.).Lucrécy is an imperial city, meaning its style is very representative and shows off the riches of the empire, especially in the main areas of the city. Nonetheless, riches didn’t come from nothing, so another big part of the city, apart from the main boulevards and plazas, consists of craftsmen houses and even some very new industrial areas, like the new train depot with the central station. Facades are mainly executed with sandstone and white pillars for subdivision, with spacious windows to allow an enlightened interior. Furthermore, the capital features several landmarks as the Imperial Palace or the newly constructed Sacre-Cœur de Lucrécy, a splendid cathedral in honour of Impératrice Belle.The smaller villages are mainly completed, but for sure, an empire needs much more than 4 or 5 villages, so there are more to be created and developed in the future.

What we offer
  • a stable server, hosted in central Europe
  • plugins like WorldEdit and VoxelSniper, without restriction by ranks, you get the permissions right after becoming a member
  • a competent and caring team of staff
  • showing you some of our techniques to detail builds and, in general, planning out buildings, laying out villages/cities etc.
  • an immersive feeling supported by our many thoughts of religion, economy etc.
  • an overall high level of experience, staff and build regarding
What we are looking for
  • nice people, willing to participate in such a setting in three different areas
various styles: renaissance, baroque, classicistic, victorian, medieval, nordic

a moderate to higher level experience is obligatory, please make sure to provide us screenshots of former work

creating art, possible would be
architectural pictures of buildings, plans, character portraits,
everything else you can think of which could fit

contributing to our lore

creation of nations, characters, concepts (religion, economy etc.)

a decent knowledge of the English language
You should be able to:

working autonomously and being creative

bringing in own ideas and discuss them to find new perspectives

compassionate and interested in the setting

How to apply

If you are interested in joining us, just write a comment here or write us a PM and we'll message you back.
We will ask you for works that show off your experience best (e.g. pictures of buildings, drawn art or written texts) as well as a motivational paragraph about your reasons to join us.
To apply, it is not needed to know every little bit about our existing lore and we will gladly tell you more about these when joining. If anything is left uncertain to you, feel free to simply ask!

We are looking forward to all the people taking interest in our work and are glad for anyone who does. To success!

Written by Stevecurious
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10/21/2019 7:01 am
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Still looking for people! :D
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