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Plexus MC ♛ Social Media Manage, Content Team Leader, Configuration Developer and Many more positions OPEN Now ♛

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created 11/13/2019 4:39 am by nicole2107
Network Project

The PlexusMC team want to bring back the old feeling of Minecraft, the survival feeling that the player decides how they run the game. The staff or the developers don't make the game ran in a single way, the player can choose how they progress and come up with their own strategies. We don't want to take away that feeling of Minecraft as a whole, the thing that made the game popular in the first place. The game will also have a hidden lore behind it, it won't be focused on to the player it will have to be dug out, this will also span over multiple servers within the network, though we are starting out as one.

Towny Server Project

We have began the development of Towny for the Plexus MC Network where custom plugins have be created to suit the servers needs. We are hoping to release a pre-alpha version of the server by the end of October 2019. With this upcoming release it will be limited to white-list only where players can explore and give us feed back as well as resolving bugs.

Who we are looking for?

Social Media Manager (Open)
Content Team Leader (Open)
Build Team Leader (Open)
Staff Manager (Taken)
Assis. Staff Manager (Taken)
Head Developer (Future Position)
Configuration Developer (Open)
Plugin Documenter (Open)
Builder (Open)
Graphics Designer (Open)
Writer (Open)
Staff (Open)

For further descriptions on the roles please read this forum post

If you are interested please read bellow to find our the correct contact information. If successful you will be asked to attend a voice chat interview. It is essential you have a microphone!

Please apply though our website


Please join Plexus MC discord server

Alternatively contact our Staff Manager username7296#1845

Or either myself or MrFlacko though the Plexus discord channel!
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