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Dear Minecrafters, Planetarians, or whatever you'd like to be called,

We're all different humans with our own story and our own life. One thing that connects us at this moment is that we're stuck at home for the most part. Being in quarantine doesn't come cheap for a social creature, that is otherwise able to just hop outside to get a fresh bit of air. I'm pretty sure most of you have felt the signs of social deprivation and would want to return to your old lives as soon as possible. While this is not happening soon, I wanted to collaborate in order to get that bit of social interaction we need.

That's why I present to you: The Planet Minecraft Community Pack (PMCP)

The pack
We're using Optifine's Custom Item Textures (CIT) to create a resource pack with re-nameable items. The pack revolves around professions and characters. The main focus will be armor and items (for your role-playing needs), but I'd happily bring in different things too.

Because of the Custom Item Textures. They're visible to everyone using the pack, hence they're perfect for multiplayer.

What we need
I'd love to see the following things:
  • Writers, to create lore for the items and a pack description
  • Texturers, to create armor, weapon and other textures
  • Someone to create a custom trophy for players to display in their unofficial trophy case for participation
  • Players that can create artwork and a nice pack logo
  • Builders to set up a showcase world
  • Datapack creators, for custom crafting and advancements, maybe some other cool functionality
  • Enthousiasts, to suggest stuff they'd really like to see

I know a long list of requirements is boring, so I'll keep it short and clear:
  • You cannot submit textures made by anyone else.
  • This project is open-source. All objects included can be used and modified. If you want to throw a copyright on your stuff, dont submit it.
  • To avoid misconception: anyone can add textures, even if you're completely new to this
  • No inappropriate content!
How to create textures
Use your favorite texture editing software.

Here's some suggestions:
- Novaskin: https://minecraft.novaskin.me/resourcepacks#default/assets/minecraft/textures/models/armor
- MC texture studio: https://sourceforge.net/projects/minecrafttexturestudio/

How to submit textures:
You can upload textures to any website and post them in the comments below.

Make sure you save textures in a .png format!

What I will do? Sit back, relax and watch it all develop. Just kidding, I'm here to make sure everything works and I will occasionally add new textures.

PMC* - unavailable during the first phase of development
Google Drive** - https://drive.google.com/open?id=10cgcZ5teRgTJygc9g-Xs3Isq8YB6V_hw

* Progress snapshots and milestones
** includes all the latest additions to the pack, may not work as intended
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