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ShadowRealms Sever Relaunch Need Builders Staff [MMORPG Survival Roleplay Mobs Looting Dungeons Raids Tiers]

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created 06/21/2019 4:16 am by Vexxian history
last reply 06/25/2019 5:50 pm
Hello pmc I am a returning mc players I haven't played in over 5years and im looking for anyone that would be willing to help with my server relaunch I tried to make this server 5 years ago heres the pmc link to see it over

Server link of old post https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/dungeondoom-2813905/

Server Link of 1.14.2 version relaunch www.planetminecraft.com/server/shadow-realms-relaunch-1-14-mmorpg-survival-need-staff-and-builders-anyone-welcome/

I am now returning to mc 5 years later to attempt to make a better version of the server I once created this server will consist of being a mmorpg style server the basis of the server is you will spawn in kill mobs gain loot kill bosses get gear rares for better items and rank up to the next tier after you have completed 5 dungeons each tier will have 10 dungeons that's 40 dungeons 5 casual and 5 hardcore mode for you and you friends to enjoy you go from member - tier 1 - tier 2 - tier 3 - tier 4 from leather chainmail iron diamond gear there will be a raid where any tier can participate to reap awesome rewards this is a great concept I am just a 1 man crew and cant do it all on my own I have most plugins worked out just need a spawn built and dungeons created for people to play and enjoy the server is open to the public starting 6-21-2019 I need all the help I can get to make this a better play experience

My server ip
dungeondoom.ggs.gg or

my discord is Prowlmaster#2594

I hope to see yall there appreciate all the help I can get.
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2 replies

06/25/2019 5:50 pm
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i can help u
06/21/2019 1:42 pm
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Old post thread
Hello and Welcome to ShadowRealms this server is Based Off Wow Dungeons it will be like a server you've never seen before it has great plugins a great community and its under construction The Server is in need of builders and more players that are willing to help get this server up and running.

Ok this is how the Server is seen you'll start off as a Member you'll go read the rules and understand a little more what the servers gamemode is.Then you will tp to /warp dungeons and you will go to [Tier1] Dungeons you'll complete the first dungeon in Tier 1 then will move on to the next one and so on.There is 8 Dungeons for each Tier there is 8 Tiers in all that's a total of 64 Dungeons Which means we need builders to create the Dungeons When you start off in a Dungeon you will kill all the mobs that you see and progress and kill each boss there is a total of 5 bosses in each dungeon each boss will upgrade your gear +1 sharpness in the first dungeon then at the 5th dungeon you'll start to get pieces of your upgraded amour so at the end of the 1st tier and so on you'll get full enchants once you make it to tier 6 you'll gain potions then at tier 7 and 8 you'll do player raids and server raids giving you more op gear the server has potential all i need is builders and ppl who want to work.


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