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Staff Members Needed for New Server Opening Soon! (Need a DEV most importantly)

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created 06/17/2019 11:11 pm by Dryrock26
last reply 06/24/2019 1:30 pm
Hi there, I am starting up a factions server which is currently in the works and would love some staff members! You can apply by emailing me or replying to this post! I have experience running servers in the past that got up to a constant 500 players online. I am currently doing most the work and would love some help.


Please follow this format!

Position you're applying for
1. Name
2. Age (I don't care how old you are)
3. Time Zone
4. Experience
5. Two Strengths and Two Weaknesses
6. A fun fact about yourself
7. Why you want this position
8. If you have a discord please put that here!
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15 replies

06/22/2019 2:14 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Pokemon
Username: Dunrab
Age: 20
Timezone: EST
Experience: I have hosted many servers my self in the past including: tekkit, feedthebeast, prison and pixelmon with some custom plugins and maps.
Two Strengths: Plugin management and server customization.
Two Weaknesses: Building and I play games half of the day.
Fun fact: Working a plugin that runs off a database in order to store players gear, money and mounts.
Why I want this position: Looking for a server to help out instead of building mine again since I would have to do it solo.
Discord: ☢ Dunrab ☢#4141 Note*: the symbols in my name might not work in a copy and paste let me know if they don't.
06/23/2019 9:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
I would love to have you! I sent you a friend request on discord. Hoping to talk to you soon! Just dm me once you added me
06/24/2019 1:30 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Pokemon
I did not see anyone add me last night lol.
06/20/2019 12:47 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
1. XHaiseXSasakiX

2. 16

3. EST

4. I've played Minecraft for about 10 years I don't have any experience with being a staff in servers

5. Strengths- 1. I can work well with others 2. I'm trustworthy

Weaknesses- 1. I'm not a good builder 2. I focus a little to much on small details

6. I like to pvp in Minecraft

7. I would like a chance to help a small server grow and be one of the best.

8. XHaiseXSasakiX#4877

06/18/2019 3:39 amhistory
Level 4 : Apprentice Farmer
I jazzed up your form a lil' bit, made it more personal. I had filled it out but it was all blending together and maybe that's the exhaustion settling in but either way I made it fancy.

Hi! My name is Blue (Yes, really.)! My IGN is BabyBlueberry, and I want to be a builder. I'm 17 years old, and I live in the Central Standard Time time zone.

All my experience is... kind of moot. I would apply to places, get accepted, and the place typically crashed and burned or I ended up not agreeing with their practices (I'm not picky, but I'm super not into toxicity and cancerous places!). Creative, however, is definitely my element - I do lots of hobbies that involve creating things or needing to be creative to execute them, so all in all, if I get an idea, goodness I'm gonna want to execute it. I'm a perfectionist which may be a pro or con, depending on your view. I love doing things by hand which has gotten me kind of behind in the whole WorldEdit thing, but I do know the basics! I'm a people person, but not in a way suitable to be a moderator - my feelings typically guide me so I can accidentally become a little biased. Building, while being my strong suit, also really helps me in not being put into positions to have to deal with situations I may consider unjust or unreasonable. 'm still definitely a people person though! I'll always be trying to talk to people to making absolutely horrendous jokes that literally only I'll laugh at - but an attempt all the same.

I want this position because I would really like to be involved in a nice community while also helping out and hopefully helping keep the place cheerful. It also irks me when I find a place and it's got some super horrendous build work done. Let me glam you out, girl! :P

My Discord is BabyBlueberry#8563. <3

tl;dr -

1. Blue, IGN BabyBlueberry
2. 17
3. CST
4. Pretty non-existant, but I'm willing to do sample works
5. Perfectionist, don't know a whole lot about WorldEdit besides the basics, hard worker, I absolutely live for anything involving creativity
6. My emotions guide me a lot, orrr I have a pet kitten named Charcoal and he's a sweetheart. <3
7. *let mi make ur server preety*
8. BabyBlueberry#8563

Oh, hey, also! I'm relatively experienced with BBCode, so if the server ever gets a website and you want to post like, rules and guides and helpful tutorials or whatever, I can make them all for you and keep 'em looking pretty and organized. My application up there was super lame because PMC's formatting of BBCode is super wonky and hard to deal with for me personally.
06/18/2019 6:25 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
You sound great for the job! I sent you a friend request on discord! I will contact you in about two days to get rolling on this. You had an amazing app and I'm very happy to have you on my team!
06/18/2019 6:33 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
btw my discord is Kwhet#0127
06/18/2019 3:13 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Great application. You sound like an excellent staff member. I wouldn't be surprised if he accepted you!
06/18/2019 4:19 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hey! I haven’t been involved in any servers in the last few years and missed it, so here I go.

I love to be a Mod/Admin, as that’s where most of my experience comes from, but I can help out with building.

1. Miles, but Blaze works too! My username is NetherBlaze1
2. 13, but my birthday is coming up
3. Mountain Standard Time (MST)
4. Most of my experience comes from the pocket edition, where I co-owned on one server and was an admin on two other servers, averaging around 20-50 people at a time. As I was on the mobile version, I didn’t have much experience with plugins, but I know basic commands and can learn fast. I also was a mod/helper on a pc server a couple months where I helped build a lobby for a mini game.
5. My strengths are being able to learn new things fast and I’m pretty mature for my age. My weaknesses are I can be a dick sometimes, and I can’t decide on things easily.
6. I’ve been playing minecraft for 8 years, and I collect retro games/consoles!
7. I really miss moderating servers and this looks like a good opportunity to do so and meet new people
8. BlazeTheLad#4732

Shoot me a message on discord if I’m accepted or denied
06/19/2019 5:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Nice to know there's more kids my age that like retro games.
06/18/2019 6:30 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
I'm going to add you on discord to follow up with your application just shoot me a message once you add me!
06/18/2019 6:34 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
btw my discord is Kwhet#0127
06/18/2019 3:19 am
Level 1 : New Miner

  I am interested in being a Mod/Admin on your server. (Sorry I can't help with dev, but I have no experience regarding that.) Below is my application and I hope you consider it!

Mod/Admin Application
1. MaltexGaming (IGN)
2.12, Young, I know.
3. Central America
4. I have had experience with Moderator on two smaller Kitpvp servers and one survival server (anywhere from 30 to 100 players). Server names: LiquidMC, MCBasic, ScorchedLand (All of which have shut down). I know basic staff commands (Ban, Mute, Worldedit, etc.) and can definitely learn any other necessary things I do not already know.
5. A strength I have would be my ability to detect hacks/cheats because of my experience with clients such as Wurst or Jigsaw. I have downloaded both clients and used them in personal survival worlds to see what they could do. A weakness I have is that I am not good at the games myself, though I doubt this will become an issue, it would probably be better if I were better at the game though. Another weakness is that I am not a very creative person which would lead to issues if I need to come up with ideas for the server, or if I ever needed to build a structure I would not be able to make it aesthetically pleasing. Another strength I have is my ability to be online often as I tend to stay up kind of late (only around 2-3 AM).
6.I can play guitar and Trumpet (Atleast the very basics) and play lacrosse. And on a more Minecraft related note, back around 2014 I used to make small hunger games maps and I used be able to make big redstone contraptions. Sadly, most of that has gone away by now :(
7. I have been playing Minecraft since 2013 and when I discovered servers it was always a dream of mine to be a helping hand in that servers community. Since then I have taken part in a few servers, but it has been a while and I feel like it would be a great experience for me to get back into being staff on a server. I also think it would be a great learning experience for me to help around the server.
8. MaltexGaming #6756

If you accept this application please leave a reply and send me a PM on Discord. Thank you for considering and I hope we can send this server off with a great start!
06/18/2019 12:27 am
Level 34 : Artisan Artist
No, i don't think i will

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