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Starting Original Government (Democracy, Monarchy, Dictatorship, etc) Based Server, Need Plugin Developers/Builders/Anyone Interested!

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created 07/12/2019 4:15 am by Justincase838
Hi everyone,

I am a longtime Minecraft player who has recently gotten back into the game (after a few years of a break) to remember how much I still love this game. I've played since 2012 and have always enjoyed how well it's kept my attention and the amount of totally different things I've been able to do along my time spent playing this game. Along the way, I've ran multiple servers ranging from small servers for a few friends/YouTubers to full fledged public servers (one of which was a pretty neat UHC (Ultra Hardcore) server when the game mode was new). Now that I'm getting back into the game and am older, I'm looking to tackle running a public server again with an interesting new idea I've had that, to me, seems pretty original and entertaining.

The Server Idea

I'm currently a college student studying political science, so after mixing my love of Minecraft and government together, I feel as though I've had a really interesting server idea that I'd very much like to make into reality. Keep in mind, I'm still in the early stages of this server (some ideas may be vague and not fully thought out) and I would love to hear other's thoughts and ideas on this topic, but I want to run a server where players get to live in and create their own nations that are ruled under different forms of government and economic systems. Examples of this could include a democracy/republic that has elections, a constitution, and a single leader, or a monarchy where a player gets leadership passed down to them and rules their citizens lives closely and decides, eventually, who to pass their power to. Players could create a brutal communist dictatorship where the ruler makes all their own selfish decisions and never relinquishes control without an uprising from the citizens, or even some kind of crazy mixture of different governments however people can imagine. At first, new players would start as citizens of a certain nation and would, eventually, work their way up through ranks and have a chance to even start their own nation somehow. Each government would have their own section of land (nation) and would be able to try and build up their country and gain more citizens, which, in turn, would allow them to expand through various means, such as maybe purchasing more land or going to war with other nations. I think it would be a very interesting roleplay dynamic that has great room for expansion and a unique experience that would be tons of fun for everyone involved.

What I'm looking for

Like I said, this idea is in very early stages right now and I need some people who believe in it and would like to help get it off the ground. I encourage anyone who thinks they have anything valuable to add to this idea in any way (even if not specifically listed here) to contact me either as a PM on here or (preferably) on my Discord, which will be at the bottom of this thread, to be a part of this cool adventure. I'm very open to ideas and hearing whatever you may have to say, especially if you want to be involved in the project in a bigger way and be apart of the team!

Plugin Designers: First and foremost, I need people who are experienced in creating custom plugins (and know minecraft well) that would be willing to make something to create the governments and economic systems, and perhaps other plugins that may sprout from other ideas. I don't know the exact details of what I'm looking for yet, but I would need people who can create these government systems and create different pieces of them like elections, various powers for rulers, nations and their land control, war between nations, economic systems, etc. I imagine this might be a big job for a plugin designer (I know very little about creating plugins and can't do it myself), but I would be willing to hear your ideas and talk it over to see what is actually possible. For me, this is the first and most important step to getting the server off the ground and I would be willing to consider compensation for this task and would love to keep the designers around to help with the server if they are interested. Please message me on Discord and provide some details about your skills, background, and other plugin work if you are up for this job.

Builders: I am also looking for talented builders to join the team to help me get the server off the ground. Obviously, I'm not exactly at the stage where we would begin building now, but once I am able to find people who make the plugin(s) I will be renting the server and in need of a build team. The build team would be responsible for creating various things for the main government that would be at spawn and run by myself. I apologize that the description of specific builds is vague, but right now I do not have any detailed ideas for buildings besides general government buildings, along with the main spawn area. I encourage any builder who is interested in this idea and joining the team to message me (either Discord or here) and tell me about their building experience or provide me with some examples of past work and we could discuss any ideas you may have for buildings on the server.

Anyone who could help me out in the early stages of the server would get my greatest thanks and would be considered to have some kind of higher role (likely as moderator) on the server once we get it going, if interested. I hope that there's interest out there for building on my idea, and that we can come together to make it a reality and have plenty of fun along the way! Message me either here or Discord (preferably) if you want to talk about helping with the project somehow!

My Discord Tag: JBal#5206

Thanks for reading,
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