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Sword Art: Legacy - Fan Project Seeking Team Members

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created 11/03/2019 12:07 pm by SwordArtLegacy history
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Forge Your Destiny - Become Legend!

Welcome to our recruitment thread. I'm Gumball - one of the project leads and designers of Sword Art: Legacy. Here you'll find a lot of useful information about the project, and why you should join us at this early stage. Please be advised, this is a passion project, and we are capable of completing it without 'premium' staff. This is a long term project with a lot of planned expansion, and we are looking for people who share our love of SAO, and RPGs in general.

What is Sword Art: Legacy?

Sword Art: Legacy is a project founded in October 2019 with the goal of recreating the world of Aincrad from the Sword Art Online universe. Chronologically, this is set in an alternate timelime where 'The Death Game' never took place, and all the NerveGears functioned normally. The goal of Sword Art: Legacy remains the same as SAO - clear all 100 floors of Aincrad. We are seeking to recreate all functional skills and activities, while loyally recreating known locations as seen in the anime, games and in some cases from the light novels. Other locations not seen in the series on-screen will be created lovingly in fitting with the theme of the universe.

We are using a custom modpack, and have plans to utilise a server network to deliver a high-quality gameplay experience for all players. The amount of work required to finish construction of one floor (building and quest writing), leads us to believe that our first public release will be around the start of the new year (approx. 2 months as of this post), and we will continue to add new content into the following year.

Our expectations are that a single floor will take a week to clear, from starting the floor to the end of floor labyrinth. Boss fights will not be beatable alone, and players will be required to work together to bring down challenging custom-made bosses.

What makes this project different?

This is a pure passion project, unlike 'certain' other SAO projects that have tried and failed in an attempt to make profits from its players. Our team so far consists of an experienced build team leader, a skilled writer, and a talented sprite artist, who are working most hours of the day towards project completion. We have plans to expand and grow, and countless ideas to keep the project fresh and alive. I risk saying that with our planned additions to the main Aincrad project, this could be the largest content server project ever made.

We intend to follow with expansions for Alfheim Online, Gun Gale Online, and connect all three with a 'real world' area where players can socialize, shop for cosmetics using in-game currency and explore hand-built surroundings in our imagination of the real-life city of Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan. We have plans in place to give our players reason to support the server and to keep coming back for more. We are in this for the long haul, with a conservative estimate that this entire project could take 2-4 years. All that remains is reaching initial launch, which is where you might come in!

Why should I join the team?

By joining our team, you'll be contributing to a massive multiverse, and working alongside dedicated individuals. We are chill and easy-going, and always up for a laugh. There will always be something to do, with freedom to complete goals in any order. Most importantly, you'll be treated equally and fairly - not as an underling or a burden. One of the team, one of us.

Enough gushy stuff though... team members will of course be able access the server and modpack before the public, with rewards such as custom-made unique cosmetic items of their choice, in-game currency and motivational bonuses for performance towards completing objectives and targets, including in-game gear, cosmetics, currency, and even real-world money/vouchers.

Join us, make some new friends, and help a project that you won't see as work - a fun place to be, especially if you are a big fan of SAO.

How can I join??

Please submit all applications via Discord. Click the server invite link below, and contact either Asper, or myself (Gumball#0007). You can also visit our WIP website, where we will be posting more information about the project soon.


Thanks for taking the time to read this thread! If you have any other queries, please post them in the comments below, or you can email me direct:

Ciao for now!
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11/22/2019 5:23 am
Level 1 : New Network
Quick update - project is very much alive, but we are still looking for more builders!

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