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Tales of Auristria Roleplay needing Actors!

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created 09/11/2019 12:27 am by ItzLienx
Hi everyone, I am looking for some help with a Roleplay Series Machinima, I've gotten all the voice actors that I need however, I am in need of some help with players to stand-in as actors. You are not needed to speak, just move around in the world as needed.

Tales of Auristria: The Fallen Satorian


Tales of Auristria:
The Fallen Satorian is the first part of a 3 part book series I wrote a few years ago. It follows the roles of a few lead characters on their journey through Auristria following different personalities and life choices which eventually bring them all together as their differences are what makes them work well together to defeat a greater threat than themselves.

  • The story takes place in the world of Auristria, there are two large continents among other small islands and secret places across the world, some that have not been inhabited, explored or found. There is a large hand drawn map that is used for referencing material.
  • There are a few story arcs that are followed and so characters will be seen at different times as their story progresses alongside other characters.
  • I am currently the only builder so it has taken me time to create the movie 'sets' of each chapter.
  • I currently only have two helpers with acting and so some parts may take longer to release as I'll need more actors for those roles to fill in.
  • I use discord for all of my contacting and messaging back and forth. We have a Discord Server for our YT channel, however, I usually just use the DM feature or the private channel in the discord server that is strictly for this project.
  • Everyone receives credit, reels, etc as requested. You may request credit on IMDB or other related sites as well as of course credit in the description of chapters, the credits sequence at the end of chapters/episodes and so forth. I will also provide you with any reels of your character's scenes upon request.

  • Everyone receives credit, reels, etc as requested.
  • If you are comfortable with using your real name as credit, credit will be given on IMDB for the project under 'Voice Actor' or other roles that you provide.
  • You may use your real name or your alias as your name in the credits of each episode/chapter and also in the description.
  • I will also link to your social media upon request, in the description of the chapter/video that you are in.
  • Also, upon request if you would like an HD video reel of your work as your character I can provide one for you. I can either give you a blank reel or I can customize it for you to look more professional as I have done for actors in the past who have done live action for me.

  • Must have discord so we are all able to communicate.
  • Must be able to quickly switch between skins and take direction.
  • No mods are required and resource pack is optional.

I hope this has answered any and all questions and I will try to update this as much as I can. Thank you for your consideration and time and have a great day! :)
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