The Grand Imperium - Your home in Minecraft [Recruiting]

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Join the Grand Imperium today!

The Grand Imperium is a new and dynamic clan on the busy CivClassic server. We’re looking for all sorts of players: miners, builders, writers, explorers, and redstoners. We’re also recruiting fighters to improve our defences. Whatever your interests, the Grand Imperium welcomes you with open arms!

Why should I join the Grand Imperium?

New nation: The Grand Imperium is just starting out, but we have enormous ambitions - this is your chance to make your mark!

Amsterdam, Isi Province
Amsterdam, Isi Province

Active society: message fellow citizens on our busy Discord server, build together on our test server, or meet citizens ingame at a shop or bar. Join in with cooperative builds, trading journeys or diplomatic missions to our many friendly neighbouring nations. New builds are completed almost daily, so there is always work to be done!

Imperial Shrine
Players in Imperial Shrine

Lore Recording: Thanks to our active wiki and reddit, your deeds will never be forgotten. The CivClassic server also has a long and complicated history, all carefully recorded on a hugely detailed wiki. Although we are a new nation, we are working hard to preserve the past by restoring old buildings and gathering hundreds of written books.

Emperor Attoprak reading book in Amsterdam Public Library

Immersive government: The Grand Imperium is led by an Emperor and a council of Ministers, with its own Constitution and Laws. Advance through Grand Imperium society to earn a Ministerial post.

Imperium House
Players in Imperium House

Assistance for new players: CivClassic can be a tough server for new players. We help our citizens by providing a protective escort from spawn, starter equipment, access to advanced farms, and a starter house/plot.

How do I join?
Thanks for your interest! To join, please contact Emperor Attoprak on Discord at attoprak#4973, and tell us a bit about your interests, abilities and aspirations. We look forward to seeing you ingame!
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03/27/2020 5:41 pm
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Discord nickname fixed!
03/26/2020 1:23 pm
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I would highly recommend, great builders and people.
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