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TitansCraft | Factions + Survival + Creative + More | $1600 FTOP | Seeking staff members (Trainees, Mods, SrMods)

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created 11/06/2019 4:53 pm by xSoldier1 history
last reply 11/13/2019 2:45 am
TitansCraft has been a smaller factions server for the last couple of years but under new leadership, we are currently revamping the whole server including becoming a hub server for multiple game modes, especially a community record FTOP of $1600 this season! Our aim is to have a significant amount more players and general activity on our server compared to our prior instance. We currently are still in development and beta testing for our various servers before our tentative release date of 11/23/19.

However, due to the revamp, we are looking to hire staff to be able to deal with the various aspects and maintenance of the server. We are seeking people of all backgrounds, long time staffing experience on other servers to being completely new to Minecraft.

    • Ability to multitask to deal with various issues & potential annoyances at the same time
    • Active in game and on Discord with both staff duties and as a normal player
    • 16+ years of age (This may be waived in certain circumstances which would be discussed with you specifically

        To apply:

        If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to add me on discord, xSoldier1#8406

        If you wish to join our server as a normal player once it is released to the public in about 2 weeks time, feel free to join our Discord!
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        Level 1 : New Miner

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        11/13/2019 2:45 am
        Level 1 : New Miner
        Applications are still open and some have already been accepted! Apply now using the link above

        Planet Minecraft



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