TO KILL A KING, Server: Looking for Builders

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Vustianne started 04/07/2020 5:57 pm history
TO KILL A KING, Minecraft Server:
Currently Looking for a team of Builders.

- TKAK is the name of a Minecraft series being written by both me, my brother, and my close friend. It is the story of a necromancer, Ragnarr, who overthrows the human king, Stefaan, and who therefore sets into motion the events of the series. Stefaan's son, Florys, escapes as a young child but later grows into a man set on killing the necromancer. He is accompanied by an elf, Angelika, and a dwarf, Vustianne, who are both investigating the disappearances of several children from both races.

While the script and plot of TO KILL A KING is being worked on, I'm looking for a small but efficient team of experienced builders who are comfortable building in multiple different styles and are good at terraforming (as it may be needed for specific towns and cities we have lined up).

SECOND: What kind of building will be required?
- We're sticking to medieval and fantasy styles, nothing modern and no half measures. Human, dwarf, and elf architecture are the primary types of buildings, though this is, of course, subjective. Terraforming is also going to be necessary in some towns like Flea Town (which resides in a valley) or Vindarth.

If you're interested in becoming apart of the staff, join the TKAK Discord server here:

I'll update the invite link if necessary and upon request. Once you've joined, just inform the welcoming chat that you'd like to work with the staff and the roles will be assigned. From there, I'll share the server's IP address with you and we can get to work.

Even if you're only somewhat interested in the story TKAK has to offer, feel free to join the Discord and come say hello! We have room for supporters too.

EDIT: We're using the Mythic texture pack, created by FishyMint! It is necessary to use this texture while working on this server. We're playing on 1.15.2 as well.
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