Wanna Help Me With A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Map?

Acidpop4/27/19 11:57 am
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4/28/2019 11:04 pm
So sometime in 2017 me and 2 friends started working on a zombie apocalypse survival map called "Cold Blood" (i only chose the name recently) i was mainly doing command block stuff and my friends were building. But then after a while they weren't interested into making the map so i got another friend to help with it but after about a month he also wasn't interested in helping me with the map, so now i have a Survival map that is NOWHERE from being complete.

So I Was Wondering If Anyone Wants To Help Me With The Map

i already got a server but its for 1.12.2
i will update it in the future

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04/28/2019 3:16 pm
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I suggest you keep using 1.12.2 for the server. 1.13 is still a bit buggy in multiplayer and doesn't have as much plugin support as 1.12.2
04/28/2019 11:04 pm
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There are a BUNCH of plugins for 1.13 but the only plugins i have are worldedit and voxelsniper to make building faster
and the only reason i havent updated the server
is because i want it for 1.14 but spigot and plugins i want aren't for that version
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