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1.14 Textures

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created 07/01/2019 1:39 pm by zubble
last reply 07/01/2019 4:47 pm
I want to make a texture pack for 1.14. But I don't know how, is there a website I can use? NovaSkin doesn't have the new textures and I can't download all of the textures. Or I just don't know how. Someone please help me out!
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4 replies

07/01/2019 1:56 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Pig
I have an idea:
1. Make a new folder.
2. Copy a directory using 1.14 textures "assets" file
3. Move the copied assets folder to your new file
4. Edit the textures until you like your texture pack.
5. Place the folder in a WinRAR Archive File.
6. Done!
07/01/2019 2:17 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Modder
Agreed, unfortunately you may run into some difficulty viewing and editing these textures unless you are an experienced
texture pack creator. Mostly because some assets run on things like .dat and .json and other stuff. Idk what these files are or how to open them but you will need to download something from the internet to open them. Be safe and good luck with your texture pack!
07/01/2019 2:37 pmhistory
Level 57 : Grandmaster Terraformer
You don't need to edit .dat files in order to make resource packs...
07/01/2019 4:47 pmhistory
Level 36 : Artisan Dragon
There is a tool created by MightyPork called ResourcePack Workbench, is a Reource Pack creator and editor. You can try use it, is very useful, practical and fully configurable.

Edit: I changed the link to the official website, is better than the page here on PMC.

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