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DERANGE9/17/19 10:39 pm
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9/18/2019 5:10 am
Heyo Community! So as I have mentioned multiple times on these forums, I’m making a texture pack! So I went into the blocks texture folder to texture the grass block, and the design was there, but it was grey/black&white. If I were to make this normally while coloring it, would the texture work? What am I supposed to do with a grey block? If anybody knows how to help me with this, please share! Thanks!
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09/18/2019 4:43 am
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It works as an overlay on top of the grass block (like a skin hat) and changes depending on the biome the block is placed in.

You could remove this if you wanted but it the texture will remain the same for all biomes, this isnt a problem though if you're making the texture pack for an adventure map and the player doesnt visit two grass biomes, then you can delete it.
09/18/2019 1:05 am
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Grass texture is supposed to be gray/black&white because Minecraft adds colornapping for grass blocks (and leave blocks) to make them have bit different colour in different biomes. If you change grass block (or leave block) texture, I would recommend you to keep its grey/black&white colors to make it work properly (if you give it colors other than grey/black&white coloring might look bit weird, but other than that is should work fine). However, if you are looking for giving grass block new, colored texture I would recommend you either modifying colormaps file and make it all one colour (problem is, that then both grass blocks and leave blocks will have same coloring in all biomes). Other way around colormaps is to make colormap texture invisible and then give grass block color/texture of your liking.
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Or remove tintindex parameter from grass block model - then you don't have to modify the colormap texture.
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