Looking for a solution in a texture pack (optifine)

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BurntToast_ started 6/10/21 8:04 pm
and replied 6/10/2021 8:37 pm
So I made some texture packs in 1.16 and everything was working fine.
I was gonna check if it all still worked in 1.17 but the animated part and the different interfaces that used to be detected by optifine is not working anymore.

So I'm not sure what the problem is right now, installed the 1.17 pre release of optifine I guess that could be one option why its not working together. Other option is that optifine changed code in 1.17 and need something else in it that I haven't found yet,

I anyone has any idea for a fix or maybe already knows that this is because of the prerelease let me know.
Anything helps! Trying to get this thing ready for the new release but it's got to wait for a bit :)
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06/10/2021 8:13 pm
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You should ask here about the optifine part: discord.com/invite/tKxWtyf
06/10/2021 8:37 pm
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Thanks I didn't know but should've known there was a discord for optifine :P
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