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Amazing Anno Mason House in Minecraft

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TecThor started 03/26/2020 1:01 pm
Be prepared for a special treat and some good laughs!
After accidently setting free a slime monster TecThor has to flee the spawn area and hides on his island - in fear of both: the monster and angry players that might have been affected by the incident. Hiding in solitude he finally takes the time to continue his factory project and builds an awesome home for his stone masons which is inspired by the game Anno. After spending way to much time on that, he then upgrades the island with conduits, discovering a way to spawn-in drownes and farming tridents. With business in mind he develops a concept to sell tridents which includes building a creeper farm (modified concept from #BeyondLogic / @LogicalGeekboy) and getting a fresh batch of librarian villagers. He even produces a commercial! ... this episode is just tightly packed with events!

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