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Are are my YouTube channels worth subscribing?

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created 09/23/2019 12:19 am by Avatar2003 Official history
last reply 09/23/2019 9:44 pm
Hi, just wanted to know if my YouTube channels were worth subscribing?

Channel 1) Avatar2003 Official

Channel 2) Avatar2003's Animation Studio

Channel 3) Maybe in the far future...

Definitely Worth: ( Thanks then)

Only if better content : (please tell me in the comments below what I should do for that)

I guess, but I'm not sure: (tell me why)

No: (tell me why)

Definitely NOT (why bother me with such a question): (tell me why)

You have until 10/23/2019 12:19 am to cast your vote.

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Avatar2003 Official
Level 11 : Journeyman Ninja

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4 replies

09/23/2019 5:04 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
My vote is no, Because of a few things.

1. Average watchers want a commentator, nowdays, there is high quality content everywhere and you have to try to match it.

2. Title and tag your videos differently. You need to take a course/watch some videos on how to correctly title/tag/market your videos to gain the viewers your looking for.
  For example, the amount of people who search: "Minecraft windows 10 diamonds!", is probably slim to none. While the amount of people who search "Minecraft Lets play", or "Minecraft Windows 10 Lets play", or Minecraft Survival, is way higher
09/23/2019 6:24 pmhistory
Level 11 : Journeyman Ninja
Avatar2003 Official
Thanks for your advice I will try them in the tag area when I upload other videos. About Dimensions Modded Survival is that title good to get views? I know about the voice mixing with the sound glitch, I fixed that 100% yesterday on my recording of Dimensions Modded Survival #8: Schematic Nightmare that will be posted tomorrow. I try to post better content every day, but it can be difficult matching nowadays YouTubers. Dimensions Modded Survival is soon becoming the primary series of my channel but I don't feel that is getting the views that it deserves especially for a series with 100+ mods. Could you watch Dimensions Modded Survival #8: Schematic when it comes out and tell me how to improve the series a bit, but keep in mind this episode is different than the other Dimensions videos. Thanks
09/23/2019 7:51 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hey bro! want to team up to join me in my "let's play" Series for modded minecraft on the technic launcher?

Let me know! This is my first youtube video. I subbed you as well homie.
09/23/2019 9:44 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Ninja
Avatar2003 Official
No thanks, bad internet and am very busy with Portal Quest (animation project).

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