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Bandit - Brutalizer Cry of the Claw Replay Mod

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created 01/14/2020 9:37 am by StarSaffire
Decided since I couldn't get all of the weapons in Cinema 4d, I wanted to highlight them in the Replay mod. APC is a wave game, in this wave game, you can pick from 3 kits, and they each have their own path they can choose. Bandit is the second evolution of Rogue, opposite is Assassin. Bandit's weapon is beautiful to hold and use. Exclusively on Mansor Network. When using her ult, you don't quite see the knockback most of the time(you spin), with the Replay mod, you def see the knockback

Brutalizer Cry of the Claw is the weapon specified for Bandit, each kit has their own unique weapon.

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Level 2 : Apprentice Miner

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