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Bumswithnolife~Old Channel, new stuff.

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created 10/08/2013 8:09 am by knightkid123
last reply 10/09/2013 10:53 pm
Heya dudes, made this post a little while ago.It died.Horribly.I think I set it on fire.Anyway, I'm doing this again becauuuuuuuse...We revamped the channel!Yup, thats right, new stuff!Avatar change, banner change, and we plan on uploading videos.There's one up now, which sucks, and its me, but, other than that, more videos!

Now, our channel is going to have Terraria AND Minecraft(I'm fist fighting my brother to make other games, BUT NOOOO), so its open to both tastes.I'm probably going to do mainly Terraria, and my brother might join in.Same with Minecraft, except he's going to be recording, and I'll join in most of the time.SO YEAH.

It'd be AWESOME if we could get some guest Youtuber's that arent really known!And maybe we could...COLLAB?!No?Okay.Anyway, we'd love some guest Youtubers(Age isnt really an issue I dont think, we're both like, 13 and 15)!

Now now, I know what you're thinking.'But Dave, what's so spatula about this channel?'...Well, nothing really.But, we're both british!Not really...We're both American though, so if you want to hear some stupid sounding guys derp around, then check us out!

LINKSIES: http://www.youtube.com/user/BumsWithNoLife

If you wanna Collab, or whatever, PM us on PMC(PM me, really), or on Youtube, dawg.Or, y'know, comment or something.Whatever you feel like doing, we dont run your life.
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10/09/2013 10:53 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Skinner

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