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Hypixel BedWars World Record! 3v3's World Record Caught on Stream LIVE

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created 12/31/2017 3:41 am by guruthegreat10
I was just chillin in my livestream when we randomly got this WORLD RECORD 3v3 match and i didnt think it was world record pace at the time, which is why i wasnt freaking out at the time LOL.
Previous Record 3:14 | Our teams Record 3:07

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I Looked and the fastest that i could find that was recorded and not chopped up was 3:14. There are screenshots of faster however there are tons of things that could have affected those games I.E. Cheaters, etc. And theres no proof with the chopped up ones if theyre legit cause its not a raw file it could be multiple games pieced together.
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