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I started a Lets Play with my son

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created 08/12/2019 1:30 pm by ImDeeK
last reply 08/12/2019 3:46 pm
Hey folks! I started a YouTube lets play with my son, and I'm 3 episodes in. Anyone have tips to get going and keep momentum? The first video did really well I think, but views have plummeted for the second and third videos. I'm brand new to this and would like to improve and keep it going for as long as possible!

Here's my first video:

Please give me any type of feedback you can think of! Thanks!
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5 replies

08/12/2019 3:46 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Thank you all for the tips! Hoping to get better with practice!
08/12/2019 2:19 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
I feel as though the pacing could be a bit better; there's a lot of "umms" and thinking noises; even if you're just rambling about something random it's better than awkward silence imo

Here's a little tip from personal experience: This one guy I was watching had a series' on a very popular game that had just released, but it was console only so not everyone could play it. He just played through the game with little personality and by the time he finished the game his videos went from 500k views to barely making it past 100. Personality is everything on youtube. Let your audience get attached to you and your son as people, not just the game you play! Best of luck to you on your youtube journey :)
08/12/2019 2:46 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
Also I'm currently watching and I'm going to be adding any little things I see, sorry for the double post lol

1. The time-lapse: It's a good idea to speed it up, but I'd recommend getting the replay mod rather than just your perspective! The replay mod is wonderful for youtubers' time-lapses! The camera moves around and you can speed that up to show what you *and* your son are doing from a different perspective. A building youtuber "Grian" uses it wonderfully and it's very enjoyable to other time-lapses where I always feel inclined to skip over it and see the finished project.

2. Another part on the time-lapse, if something interesting happens such as, like in the first episode, you found a mob head, Maybe record in first person and quickly switch between it for us to hear your reaction.

3. Around the 10 minute mark the time-lapse cuts you off while speaking; I feel as though a cut like that is a bit jarring, so I'd recommend trying to make the editing a bit smoother. I also noticed a bit after that you accidentally duplicated a word you said, which was a bit odd.

4. Just looking at the times for the other videos I'd say to cut them a bit short. A 20 minute episode should be the cut-off point. Keeping people interested would be the top priority for the beginning of your channel. Pewdiepie can get away with 40 minute videos because his personality and videos are very well-loved and established, people enjoy the longer videos.

5. Mining obsidian doesn't take all that long, but it's longer than a lot of people's attention spans on youtube. Maybe tell a personal story, maybe your dog got out and you had to go chase it. Maybe your cat did something funny. Personally, two people laughing at a story in a video is much more funny than in a solo person telling a story. Laughter is quite contagious, but hard in a solo video.

I think that's all I'll write for now, hopefully some of these tips will actually help.
08/12/2019 2:09 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Batman
If you're talking Youtube, it's all about click through rate. In other words, the algorithm shows the video in a couple of peoples feed, and if they click on it, the algorithm show it to a few more people, and that keeps going. But when it doesn't, it means not enough people click on the video.

2 easy ways to fix it are: better thumbnails, and better title for the vid. Thumbnails lure peoples attention, titles lure interest. I believe you can track how many people actually click the video now, so make a couple of thumbnails and titles and switch them after an hour or so, this way you can find out what titles and thumbnails work the best and build from there (but don't get too clickbaity with it).

Of course, when people click, they want to see a good vid, so keep them interested for at least 8-9 minutes, I believe that's the threshold where the algorithm thinks the video is well liked. And getting likes and subs is always good.

I'm not a Youtuber, so I haven't tried these things out in practice, but these were some tips I read online.
08/12/2019 2:04 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Mage
Talk louder and be more confident. Always try to keep busy and just have fun in general :D

Nice job on your vids, can't wait to see more!

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