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New Gnomecraft-SMP video, I'm still looking for new members (small youtubers)

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created 07/18/2019 8:11 am by Apples05
As for possible new members who are interested to join, here is some info/requirements:
-Must be 13+ years old
-Must have at least one video on their channel, so I can get a good impression
-Must be willing to upload at least once every two weeks-Must comment/message your discord username/tag and a link to your youtube page

Gnomecraft is an SMP originally started by me and my friends, but in our second world I started recording my experiences with the server.
Since then, it has gotten a bit lonely as not a lot of people were originally in the server and now they're barely playing.
I have already gotten two people on here: master builder75 and GamerGeeked.
I hope to expand our server and make it from a little group of friends from school to a whole community.
Thanks for reading and I hope you'll consider joining! (More videos on gnomecraft found on my channel, of course.)
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