New Horizon Gaming needs your views!

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MinecraftZaq started 06/22/2012 10:44 pm
MannequinImposter replied 06/23/2012 2:39 am
Hi guys,
It's me again.
Just posting to say New Horizon Gaming needs more views and subs on youtube if we are going to continue with videos. I am getting a new PC so videos should be going up faster than they are at the moment.

We have been filming survival island for a while now and we have 6 parts up on youtube. We have also been doing 'survival of the fittest' which has been uploaded onto a subsidiary channel.

We are planning on doing some faction server videos and more minecraft videos. We will also do other games depending on whether we get enough views/subs.

Please sub and like our videos, we try really hard to get them in the best quality possible and to make them fun to watch.

Here is part 1 of Survival island:

If you enjoyed that then please watch the rest and subscribe

Link to our subsidiary channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/NHGOnYourFaggio/featured

Cheers guys,
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06/23/2012 2:39 am
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Hey man I see you come on here to try and get notice like everyone else who posts on here lol. It's good to see that you aren't just one of those people that uploads videos to youtube then hopes to get views and doesn't do anything extra but there are still some areas that could use improvement.

The tags could definitely be filled out more. Tags might just be the little extra something that connects your video to more popular videos related videos list.

Find popular mc videos or mc youtubers that have open video responses and post your videos as a video response to those. Who knows a curious youtuber fan of theirs might get suck into your content.

Be the first one to make contact with other people. I'm not necessarily say begging for views but approach people. Like I said earlier most people here are just so they can post their topics/channel urls/video urls and leave. As we speak this comment is me approaching you with some advice.

Partner up with other semi establish mc video makers. I'm not saying box4box or sub4sub but if you got 10 subscribers and you know a guy who has 18 subscribers then it couldn't hurt to do some sort of custom map or mini game video with him. Then you both put links back to each other's channels/povs and bam that's twice as many videos that link back to you on the great interwebs!!!!!!!!
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I hope this helps you out a little bit. A lot of people are doing minecraft videos so hopefully this can separate you from the crowd
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