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Revolution? AFK-Traveling / AFK-Flying in Minecraft

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TecThor started 03/29/2020 12:53 pm history
and replied 04/01/2020 12:54 pm
Tutorial: How to fly the Elytra like a pro. AFK-Flying / Elytra Autopilot
AFK Traveling to any location within any dimension - Overworld, Nether (roof) or End!
To demonstrate how precise the technique is TecThor makes an AFK flight over 9,000 blocks landing on a 3x3 platform in the ocean. Amazing!

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5 replies

03/30/2020 3:14 amhistory
Level 48 : Master Pixel Puncher
This is so cool! o:
Awesome job making this TecThor! Have you considered uploading it to the Minecraft reddit? I think they would love it :D
03/31/2020 5:08 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
I am unexperienced with reddit. I made a post on r/Minecraft explaining the technique and linking the video but it instantly got removed =(
04/01/2020 8:19 am
Level 48 : Master Pixel Puncher
That's odd... Oh well, still, very nice tool you've made : D I already used it, and! Even better is that with the new waypoint block things coming in 1.16, then it'll be quite helpful to locate somewhat where to look.

Not sure if it's even possible, but if it becomes possible, then it would be very cool if you could code the compass to point the direction of the coordinates which a user has typed into your tool. Then if, with command-magic, you could code it so that the compass could help players fly to their coordinates.

Not sure how to do it, or if you're open to ideas, but now you know :D
04/01/2020 12:53 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
I plan to make a datapack with an ingame interface.
But this would only be an option if that technique actually gets enough attention.
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