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Ryguyrocky New daycare

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created 08/20/2019 11:45 am by Ultra_Gamez history
last reply 08/20/2019 11:47 am
As some of you know Ryguyrocky made a new Daycare map i have stopped working on the mod for the new daycare map i will be trying to build it.

iT WILL TAKE A WHILE BECUASE I NEED TO WAIT till more videos come out with the new daycare so i can get screenshots of ir and mark where everything is.
(Ignore the caps)

If you have any ideas on what you want me to build just Slide into my Dms.

This video is a tour of the new daycare (I think)

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1 reply

08/20/2019 11:47 am
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Sorry i was gone for a long time you know, Family stuff.

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