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Some MC Videos to Watch

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created 12/29/2017 5:30 pm by Jetra
We interrupt our non-regularly scheduled Vocaloids programming to tell you a few of my favorite type of videos to watch. I know a lot of up-and-coming and established YouTubers are looking for ideas for their videos and I'll murder if I see another bedwars, why not take a peek at these and try something different than Parkour or PUBG-style gameplay? I'll even toss in my explanations

Found just as I was starting to lose interest in the game years ago, his custom modpack gameplay is everything I could ever want from minecraft: lots of things to explore, lots of items to craft that doesn't require fourteen steps, and plenty of options to make your worlds look a bit better that doesn't involve a texture pack. This was at a time when IndustralCraft and BuildCraft were just starting to lose ground to Thermal Expansion.

Anything and everything lucky blocks, but the races were always the best. Competition, destruction, and the Challenge Games were everything to like about PvP in Minecraft. Haven't watched through the LPs, but for the most part I love the insanity betwen this husband and wife team and their antics. Little cringe, all good fun, I always enjoy when it comes down to the final fights and they're trying to sabotage the other. Their burning maps are also pretty good, but not on par with the rest.

Okay, while not really a favorite, every second video or so has some good discussions going. Nothing too amazing, somewhat informative, probably the only one still doing anything Minecraft-related that isn't "punch wood, build house." He reminds me of olden days of Mod showcases that I would watch for hours and hours on end.

That's all for today, hope this gives you something to think about and possibly bring up a discussion of your fond memories.

Also: Lewis best Yogscast followed by Sjin.
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