Temerity Official Trailer [Minecraft Map]

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3XX3 started 05/09/2020 2:51 pm history
I am proud to announce my map Temerity is finally done. I have been working on Temerity for around 6 years and finally it is done.

In Temerity, you will play 10 levels with about 50 puzzles ranging from super easy to hard. If you don't think the puzzles are hard enough you can try to find all 25 Easter Eggs I sprinkled around the map, but good luck with that. But hey, if you do find all 25 then you will get a prize [​not money], and its not a congratulation text. Also, there are 3 extremely personal Easter Eggs hidden in this map, but it's near to impossible to find them, but hey if your bored and want to try, then go ahead. Go check it out!

Watch trailer here:

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