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Wondering if anyone wanted to do YouTube videos with me?

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created 01/24/2020 2:27 pm by ThatDoesNotLookSafe history
last reply 01/25/2020 8:55 pm
So recently I have realized that it would be fun to have someone to record videos with. If anyone wants to make YouTube videos with me I would like for them to be able to fit these requirements:

1. For them to preferably be younger. Yes, I know this sounds creepy, but my parents aren't gonna be okay with me voice chatting with an adult, because I am also a younger person. I promise I am not creepy. If you want proof that I am not a creepy 40 year old guy sitting in their parents basement trying to talk with kids on discord, my YouTube channel is called Thatdoesnotlooksafe.

2. To be able to record with good fps and to have videos not be blurry.

3. It would be nice if they were able to voice chat on Discord, I would prefer to play Minecraft with them for a while though before I start voice chatting. Online safety is important everyone!

4. I would like someone who does not swear or be rude / inappropriate in my videos. I make family friendly videos and I would like to keep it that way.

5. Have a good sense of humor.

6. Be online at preferably 1 to 5 pm Pacific Time.

7. Be able to record modded Minecraft at reasonable FPS.

If you fit these requirements, feel free to directly message me any time on Planet Minecraft. :)
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2 replies

01/25/2020 8:55 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Ello there, I would like to join. I am 13 years old and cannot record sadly. But I would still like to join :)
01/25/2020 8:49 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hey im 15 almost 16 an ive also been wondering if i can find someone to record vids with i play on ps4 hopefully pc soon
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