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The Realm of Saphriel || Serious Medieval Fantasy Roleplay || 1.12.1 || Whitelist

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created 06/03/2019 7:43 am by whiisperer history
last reply 08/05/2019 5:25 pm

Lore & Rules:

Our Discord:

Welcome to The Realm of Saphriel! We’re an 18+ medieval fantasy roleplay server meant for serious roleplayers.
If you need help or have questions with your app, you may ask here or use the help chats in our discord.

Serious RP Server | Player Driven Story | Friendly, Inclusive Community | Active Staff and Players | Deep Expansive Lore | Numerous Playable Races | Flexible Magic System | Robust Crafting System | Various Events & Encounters


System Requirements:
We use a custom Conquest texture pack and item pack! We also recommend Forge, MPM, and Optifine. While not required it's heavily suggested to use the item pack if nothing else or face strange and missing textures.
Instructions on set up can be found ‘here’.
We currently use 1.12.1 Forge

Before Applying:
Please Read through our Rules and Lore on our ‘main site
The general event timeline can be found ‘here
A quick start player guide can be found ‘here
Please keep in mind some races are ‘Player+’ only, and cannot be your first character
If you want your character to have magic, the magic application has to be completed before acceptance
All players start on equal grounds, you cannot start as a master in a craft or skill
Everyone starts with the default gear, money, and items
Please note that any incomplete applications will be instantly denied
We have every right to deny an app for any reason

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Level 10 : Journeyman Miner

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08/04/2019 4:12 pmhistory
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
Apologies for the wait on the applications, we've had a few staff members go on break for personal reasons, who normally work on whitelisting. They'll be back in a couple of weeks and we've moved some responsibilities around for the time being. The applications should be addressed today, if not then tomorrow by the latest.
07/28/2019 2:21 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
--OOC Information—
Minecraft IGN: CallMeKeemo
Prior Roleplay Experience: I am an admin on a Serious Fallout Server, which for advertisement purposes I won't name. I have played on another fantasy server that is very similar to this, so I am very experienced
Define Power-gaming in your own words: Power gaming is the action in which you force an action upon another player character that would otherwise be unrealistic. For example. If a child character was able to overpower an experienced fighter in an advanced position, that would be powergaming, as it is unrealistic.
Define Meta-gaming in your own words: Using knowledge that you gained Out of Character In Character for personal gain. An example of this is if you learned about a secret entrance to a stash of loot that a character hid away, and robbed it. That would be Metagaming because you used knowledge in character that your character had no way of knowing.
Define Role-Playing in your own words: Role-Playing is when a person puts reality aside and decides to act as another individual that is usually made up. However, you grow a bond and connection between yourself and the character you create. Your character grows over time, improving it's life and it's experience, and the experience of others. Each action you do moves along the story, and enriches your life as well as the character's.

--IC Information—
Character name: Ta'Kar
Race: Ca'Liar
Age: 11
Gender: Male

Character Description:
(At least one to two paragraphs describing your character’s physical appearance, including height, eye color, and skin tone.)
Ta'Kar is a more muscular and brawny Ca'Liar child, standing near 1.5 meters in height and brandishing a standard Medium Build. His fur coat is well maintained for being an orphan, and resembles a Tiger from the real world, having some blackened stripes and an amber shaded base of hair. His eyes are a dull green, similar to the shade of a polished jade stone. His tail is of standard girth and length, with the stripes running along it similar to the rest of his body. His hair is not as thick as normal, except for some widened tufts of hair around the cheeks and runs up to the ears. His nose is of standard size and is of peach color. His claws are shaded grey-black and are of standard length as well. His clothes are patchwork and in a hodgepodge, it is very obvious that he is wearing whatever he can. He wears a green patchwork shirt and patched linen pants. He wears no shoes, and walks on his bare, padded feet.

Character Occupation: (Optional)
(For us to understand your characters starting skill set, your character still will need to contact the Kingdom to purchase any property)
Orphan / Mafia Leader

Character Personality/Traits:
(At least one to two paragraphs describing their personality traits and/or quirks.)
Ta'Kar is was given the Ta prefix by those who took care of him for a reason. He is a very inquisitive and a natural leader. He cares deeply for those he needs to provide for. However, he can be cruel and cunning in situations that benefit him and his ragtag group that he brings around with him to support his affairs. He is naturally a bully, and will take what he wants or needs to benefit himself and his group. He is not a discriminatory person, and will talk with anyone. He does not discriminate in childish crimes either; he has no preference when it comes to pick-pocketing people or stealing from merchants. He is a humorous person with a quick mouth and even quicker temper. He will often pick fights with others that are larger and more skilled than he. The best I can describe his social nature is that he has a Small Dog Attitude: being violent to compensate for his size.

Character Biography:
(At least three paragraphs describing your character's history and experiences, you must reference server lore)
Ta'Kar was born in Falkvard to a peasant mother Daro'Sah and his equally poor father Ko'Lada. Life was hard for the family, and often, Ta'kar would go without breastfeeding due his mother not being nourished enough to produce it. His parents tried to raise him to a point where he could support the poor family, but to no avail. He was soon orphaned and abandoned, not because of the effort he required to raise, but because his family though he could have a better life than what they had to offer. His mother was not strong enough to work, and his father's wages could not support the family with Ta'Kar included. His mother and father prepared for him to be dropped off at an orphanage, and they did so one spring morning.

Ta'Kar grew up in the orphanage in Falkvard, using his cunning to gain notoriety among the children, quickly creating a sort of Mafia among the orphanage. He stole, picked pockets, beat up kids, and grew his Rat Crew for years, allowing many children to do his bidding and work for him. He provided for them, giving them food, water, shelter, and a family. While religion was common among the kids, and most of them worshiped Udero and the other common Gods, Ta'kar did not. He never saw a use in praying to Gods that did not care for his existence, which was a harsh reality for him. He didn't lose too much sleep over it. His exploits are numerous, including at one time, having nearly 32 members in his little gang. However, this would not last, as several times his goons would either get caught or die to the horrendous street conditions and bad sustenance options. The orphanage owner, prior to Scribe Ruolan's ownership, would often try to intervene with Ta'Kar's operations, but with multiple people around and his cunning, he was able to operate with little trouble, only having a few mishaps here and there. He set up a base of operations in a secluded alleyway, where he stored all of his goodies and loot and sold them to various shopkeepers for dirt cheap. Life was as good as it could be being a scoundrel.

Ta'Kar was only in serious trouble with the law once. He managed to find his way into a merchant stall and was about to steal some exotic jewelry, but the stall owner noticed and called the guards, and what ensued was arguably the most oddball case of Cat and Mouse that has ever happened in Falkvard's history. Ta'kar would run about the city for several hours, hiding in rivers, haystacks, barns, and alleyways. The guard force eventually gave up on the search. By this time, Ta'Kar has faded from the guard's memory, and is now more wary of his actions and his operations, and is more careful of the law. By the time he was 10 years of age, he was at the peak of his career. He had nearly 30 children in his faction of child thieves. However, a Ash-Elf child changed the course of the Rat Crew for the worse. His name was Trufal, and he was a tough kid to say the least. Trufal disliked Ta'kar's brutality and desire for efficiency, so he staged a coup to remove Ta'Kar from leader of the Rat Crew. Over the course of a year, Ta'Kar went from having 30 kids on his side, and had nearly whittled down to 3. Most children left the group, scattering their separate ways. He is now 11, and he is ready to step back into action. The Rat King shall assemble his Crew.

Other/Extra: (Images, notes, etc.)

Please give us a roleplay response to both of these scenarios, at least one paragraph each:

A small riot breaks out in Barkamsted between Humans and Pact races. They're quickly gaining the attention of the guards as the situation escalates. Your character is somehow swept up into the crowd as the situation grows more dangerous, what do they do?

Ta'Kar's smile would grow wide. The time for a major payday had come. In the brawl that was sure to ensue, people would not notice if something miraculously....disappeared. Among the brawling and combat, Ta'Kar would move about and start to sneakily take coins and various items from pockets, purses, and other open containers. He purloined around people's pockets, taking what he could and when he could. In around 5 minutes, he had taken a large sum of items.

"Too easy. Them adults are dummies."

People were starting to calm down at this point. Some were being escorted to the hospital. As he made his way out of the shipyard, some people notice that some items are missing. Ta'Kar would pick up the pace, and make a steady pace to his concealed hideaway, ready to boast about his wonderful opportunity that was handed to him on a silver platter.

For whatever reason, your character finds themselves in an ancient tomb, the walls thick with brambles and foliage. From up ahead, you spy what appears to be a shambling mound of something. It pauses, quivers and moans. What do they do?

Ta'Kar would crouch down behind some rubble and observe from afar. This place was strange, but if the report from one of the explorers was correct, this was the spot to find something really valuable. However, he did not expect to find someone else within the tomb. He shambles forward slowly, walking heel first to avoid much noise. As he crept upon the moving mystery mound, his claws ready to strike at anything that was to be proven foul in intent. As he slowly approaches, he finds a wounded explorer. Ta'Kar would advance towards the explorer cautiously and call out to him.

"Hello? Are you okay mister?"

The queer looking man would recoil and huff at the words, being startled by Ta'Kar's rough voice. As he looks at the child, he is relieved that 'help' has come. His outfit, while fitting, was far to small for him.A large gash made it's mark across the was in the stomach. He fell down from above, a hole in the ceiling, and had done some serious damage. Ta'Kar would help him up, but while he did so, he decides to give himself a forward payment, simply by stealing the guys purse. Ta'kar would help him out of the tomb the best he could, being a short child helping a large man would not be that easy; and deciding that robbing the poor man was enough of a paycheck, departed for home.

08/05/2019 5:25 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hello and thank you for applying to the Realm of Saphriel! I just wanted to extend an apology about the wait, it's been quite the busy week. However, I'm here to read through your application! The general base is well written and thought out, however there are some things that need to be corrected before we can get you on your way.

For now, your application is PENDING.

Please keep in mind that characters can't start in any sort of high ranking position or otherwise! If your character would like to try to start a group however, you are more than welcome to try. Next, the 'Ta' prefix is usually reserved for nobles and generals, so another prefix needs to be chosen! Unless it is self-appointed and not his actual given name, which would be acceptable.

I'd like to address also the character's origins and background. The Ca'liar come from a distant land far to the West from Saphriel, called Einar (Please refer to the Ca'liar lore page here ). Generally, the population of Ca'liar in Saphriel is very small, and almost all have come to these lands as refugees or stowaways. They most regularly arrive upon the few shady 'trade' ships that occasionally find their way to the shores of Saphriel.

I'd also request that the character is made a couple years older for the sake of realism in this case, at least four to five years older. This will, however, allow you to fit in more easily tales from both Einar and the orphanage in Falkvard!

Just bump the thread when the changes are made, and I'll review the application again as quickly as I can! Thank you again!
07/07/2019 6:13 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Explorer
--OOC Information—
Minecraft IGN: ForgottenTomes
Prior Roleplay Experience: Five years across multiple games & other minecraft servers.
Define Power-gaming in your own words: Power-gaming is when you give your character an unfair advantage in primarily combat, but can be applied just about anywhere. An example would be if you walk up to an individual, initiate combat, and then "Bob swings his blade and instantaneously beheads Ronda, cleaving it off and sending it flying down the road. A true warrior!" whereas the appropriate emote would be: "Bob swings his blade in an arch towards the bottom of Ronda's neck, with his strength and speed he hoped to cleave into her neck, to deliver a killing blow, or potentially completely behead if able." which is a bit better.
Define Meta-gaming in your own words: Meta-gaming is taking out-of-character(OOC) information and applying it to your character to give yourself an unfair advantage, such as a location, a name, or other aspects of another player's character, and applying them to your character in RP. An example would be: Bob walks up to the stranger named Ronda, who was born in Valor, and says; "Good evening Ronda from Valor!"
Define Role-Playing in your own words: Role-playing is creating a character separate from yourself in a fictional world and growing them as a normal everyday person, you give them a personality, a race, everything that defines them is written by you, and they grow over time through interaction & even conflict with other player characters, hopefully to create an immersive, long-lasting story that can be enjoyed by all parties involved.

--IC Information—
Character Name: Nimae Varelli
Race: Dwelf
Age: 25
Gender: Female

Character Description:
A short, 4ft woman of a weak build, she appeared more elven than dwarven, her height being the only real tell-tale sign of being a dwelf beyond face-shape, with a rounded jawline, a dimpled chin, and thin lips, with a small button-nose and green eyes. Her skin was quite pale, with minimal imperfections. Her hair reached her lower-back, and was of red hue.

Character Occupation: (Optional)
Nimae is an avid bookbinder & cartographer, though her short stature makes traveling a bit more difficult! She still tries to make maps.

Character Personality/Traits:
Nimae was a quiet, reclusive woman that suffered many years of various kinds of abuse, preferring animals and books over the company of people, as most people treated her like an abomination. She often disregards racial comments and keeps to herself, working on maps and books in her freetime, though a much darker side of her lies beneath the empty shell of a dwelf.

She has a softspot for the abused, the abandoned, the homeless.
She despises elves.
She despises most cities.

Character Biography:
Nimae Varelli was a dwelf, born of a dwarven father named Huldif, and an elven mother named Valeri, she was born inside an elven city and banished at a very young age, being taken by Huldif, whom had become a wandering mercenary, and raised by him to the best of his abilities till she was old enough to fend for herself, Huldif fell in battle against a group of thieves, and Nimae was attacked and left for dead, though after managing to survive she set off with her father's blade and started looking for work, she was all but welcome in the Elven settlements, seen as an abomination from society, so she eventually settled down in a little village of humans that welcomed her as best they could, where she lived peacefully for a few years, working as a bookbinder, the only conflict she ever saw was the occasional drunk that insulted her, or the occasional brawl in the street, though life was relatively mundane and peaceful, till a new 'mayor' of sorts was elected, this man saw her for what thought of her as, an abomination, and immediately outcasted her as soon as he had the ability, with nothing but basic supplies, she set out for Barkamsted.

Other/Extra: (Images, notes, etc.)

Please give us a roleplay response to both of these scenarios, at least one paragraph each:

A small riot breaks out in Barkamsted between Humans and Pact races. They're quickly gaining the attention of the guards as the situation escalates. Your character is somehow swept up into the crowd as the situation grows more dangerous, what do they do?

Nimae, being a typically peaceful woman, immediately sought a way out of the situation, though she was swept up in the ground and trampled on, essentially being lost in the group as she eventually found her way out, only to be face-to-face with a guard, to whom she gave a small awkward grim and got up on her feet, the guard clearly figured she was guilty of something. Nimae simply bowed her head. "I got swept up, was trying to get out before it got worse.." She said quietly and humbly, after a moment the guard nodded and let her pass.

For whatever reason, your character finds themselves in an ancient tomb, the walls thick with brambles and foliage. From up ahead, you spy what appears to be a shambling mound of something. It pauses, quivers and moans. What do they do?

Nimae was an explorer, a cartographer especially, so she simply found herself in ruins by pure coincidence while attempting to map out an unscathed section of Saphriel, though upon seeing the creature, at least it seemed like a greater, she simply used her speed and size to dash out of sight and hide against a nearby wall, the rope that she had used to get down here in the first place was closeby, though she could hear them stomping closer as time passed, quickly bolting for the rope and climbing up as quick as she could, barely making it away!

--Magic Application--
(Optional, this form must be filled out if you want your character to have magic at all.)

Magic Biography:
Nimae was an intelligent, book-smart child for her age, taking to reading tomes than actually speaking to living beings, finding more peace in pages than in people. She was always extremely interested by magic, its fundamentals, how it shapes the very world around her, everything and anything about the fields of Magic seemed to pull her interest, half her book collection quickly becoming notes on such a topic.

She never quite understood it, her father didn't either, and despite his attempts to deter her from looking into such, she never listened, and Heldif found himself unable to convince her otherwise, leaving her and even buying her the odd tome here and there to study, her knowledge quickly growing to the burrows of magic, the vast raw power idly waiting inside her.

She was simply..drawn to it, for some mysterious reason, feeling as though she had at least some aptitude for the arts, though she never gotten a trinket to truly test her capabilities with Magic, simply stuck to looking in dusty old tomes and exploring old ruins in hopes to find an untouched trinket, though she had never found or even sensed one, though this did not deter her from trying her hardest to find such.

Please describe the magic system, including its limitations in your own words:
The magic system is extremely unique compared to other servers or fictional worlds, rather than creating something from another realm, or even something nearby, the caster is creating something from within themselves, powering it with their very being through the use of a trinket, Trinkets take the form of various objects, and draw the Novice Mage to collect said trinket, only then can the Novice truly begin to wield their power.

The limitations are rather simple, the most magically adept race of High Elves are able to have Four aspects, whereas the other races range from 0-3 aspects, the 0 of course meaning that these races are completely inept with Magic, such as Dark Elves or Ash Elves. The effects of overuse are about what you'd expect, overcasting is extremely dangerous as you'd expect it to be, it can even be fatal unfortunately, being the downfall of many-a zealous mages thinking themselves immortal.

Please describe how you would use a weak trinket with your characters first/only aspect:
Nimae would focus on the amulet trinket around her neck, causing it to glow ever so slightly, an opaque red as she began to focus and channel her weak power through it, after a few moments she would extend her hands and attempt to draw forth a spell, barely creating a fireball the size of a golfball, before sending it flying towards her target, immediately feeling tired from it's effects.
07/08/2019 4:11 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Skinner
Hi there! I'll be reviewing your app this lovely evening! Firstly, I'd like to say the character concept is cute - however there are issues that I would like to discuss.

For now, this application is Denied.

I would like to point out the character's age and especially her backstory! It's incredibly sparse and does not meet the standard, nor does it particularly follow the lore set in place. I suggest you take a look at Saphriel Lore! Silverinmir is the Elven city, it fell far before the birth of your character, thus making it impossible for her to be born there at all. Elven settlements did not exist, rather Silverinmir was the major city where all elves lived! That being said, there is no mention of how the parents met considering the father is a dwarf, thus making it impossible for him to have met his elven partner in Silverinmir. Please reread the lore and extend your backstory more, the timeline located in the Discord Inquiries will help you out very much.

As for the magic application. You do not explain how magic casting works, particularly how one levels with it to grow in skill. The backstory, particularly her discovery is kept very vague! A person does not know they are capable of casting magic until they have their hands on a trinket - therefore, I would not say that she is drawn to such a thing for no reason. Regardless, she can still have her curiosity on it!

Please make these large edits to the application and do not hesitate to poke me when you are done! I am free to answer any questions you may have.
06/28/2019 1:11 amhistory
Level 1 : New Explorer
--OOC Information—
Minecraft IGN: LillyTheSeal
Prior Roleplay Experience: I've played on multiple roleplay servers in the past. A couple of years ago, I was actually accepted onto Saphriel but I figured I would reapply with a new character and re-read the lore for fairness because it's been such a long time. The most recent server I've played on is probably ThroneCraft, which is a server with a similar setting in which people are living in an older world without the impressive technology of the modern world. I've also created a roleplay server with my friend which we ran for a couple of months before shutting it down due to time constraints for him, and done multiple rpgs in real life.
Define Power-gaming in your own words: Power gaming is basically being over-powered and doing things that your character couldn't realistically do. An example of this is being able to harness all of your magical ability to shoot a giant fireball that can burn down an entire forest and then being absolutely fine afterwards, or not giving another player or npc a chance to roleplay. An example of this could be saying something like, *Stabs in the neck*, which would not give the character time to react and likely wouldn't happen in a normal setting.
Define Meta-gaming in your own words: Meta-gaming is using information that your character normally wouldn't know to your own advantage. Information is often gained OOCly and it can be something seemingly minor, such as walking somewhere where you know where a character will be, or it can be something much more major such as knowing a character's motives or next move before you've even met them or heard of them.
Define Role-Playing in your own words: Role-playing is assuming a role of a character in a different world or society and is a way of embracing a world or experience that you wouldn't be able to plausibly have in the real world. It's often a fantastic mode of escape from the real world and allows you to immerse yourself in unique settings while being able to change and affect your situation.

--IC Information—
Character name: Kaya Kir
Race: High Elf
Age: 34
Gender: Female

Character Description:
  As is common for High Elves, Kaya has a rather pale complexion with a slight rosy undertone. Her eyes match her hair, which is a chestnut brown and which is more often than not stuffed into a ponytail or braid. She stands rather short for an elf, at about 6'10. She has one scar that very few know about, a long gash down her back, knotted skin trailing from her right shoulder to her waist. As for her clothing, her normal outfit consists of dark trousers and tall boots that are well-scuffed from constant use. She constantly switches between two outfits, one being a short-sleeved grey tunic, along with a leather vest and satchel. You may also find her in a brown dress and cape with the same accessories. She also wears fingerless leather gloves, mostly for protecting her hands. On her back she carries a quiver and bow, which are both very obviously well taken care of and good quality. If she is about to go into a battle or get into a fight, she prefers a light chainmail armor for mobility and to use daggers in order to supplement her more mobile fighting style. She also knows limited medical care, so she carries a few bandages and a needle in her satchel, along with food and water if she is travelling.
Character Occupation: Mercenary, Messenger

Character Personality/Traits:
The most prominent thing that people notice about Kaya when they first meet her is the lithe way of moving she has, and how in many ways, she acts like a cat in the way she carries herself and moves. She's fairly hard to read, but as you get to know her she will tell you more about herself. Many people will question the way she acts, because although she seems laid back and calm most of the time, it's obvious that she's always ready to spring into a fight and defend herself. Despite her defensive air, she's surprisingly compliant about many things, and she rarely will turn down a quest to find someone or something for the right price.

Character Biography:
(At least three paragraphs describing your character's history and experiences, you must reference server lore)
Kaya had a peaceful childhood, filled with happy moments and learning. Born in Barkamsted to an high elven couple who met before the collapse of Silverinmir and departed together to go live in the outskirts of the newly built city, attempting to keep a low profile especially during the time when tensions were still being settled between pact races and the citizens of the city. She spent the first years of her life in peace, learning things such as how to read and write well, how to ride a horse, and (as per her request) how to fight. By the age of 17, she spent her time training in the art of self defense and combat, magic, and read in her free time. She also learned to ride on horseback, as her father started to make money working as a mercenary and would sometimes take her on the safer excursions so that she could experience what he did and learn a little bit more about it.
  Unfortunately, at about that time, Kaya lost her parents to an Ash-Elf who was angry at the discrimination that he had experienced throughout his life. Although her parents tried to be kind to the different races and swallow some of their pride, knowing of the recent war and how the races had to join forces, the elf was quite out of control and was attempting to do as much damage as possible to the high elves. Having heard of the high-elven family on the outskirts of the city, the elf tracked them down considering their easy location and was able to stab her parents as they were wishing her good night. Understandably afraid, Kaya tried to run from her assailant but he managed to slash her across her back, causing her to fall down. He left her for dead because of the severity of the gash, and proceeded to loot the house. However, a servant who was loyal to the Kir family due to their fair treatment of him, saw Kaya bleeding out on the floor and picked up the unconscious girl and rushed her to a doctor. Through some miracle and a fair amount of magic, her life was saved, despite her being stuck in a coma for several months, likely due to shock and blood loss.
  Once Kaya recovered, she stayed in an orphanage until she was 30 and then decided to start to take work as a mercenary as her father once had. Since she started to do that work, she has continued to train in her combat skills and develop her magic as much as she can. Despite being in a rather violent business, she's much calmer and more kind than one would expect from the way she acts on the surface, thanks to her upbringing.

Other/Extra: (Images, notes, etc.)
Kaya Face+Body
Please give us a roleplay response to both of these scenarios, at least one paragraph each:

A small riot breaks out in Barkamsted between Humans and Pact races. They're quickly gaining the attention of the guards as the situation escalates. Your character is somehow swept up into the crowd as the situation grows more dangerous, what do they do?
  Kaya glances around, noticing where each guard is positioned and which ones are starting to notice the situation. She's currently being swept along by the crowd, jostled this way and that by the excited people around her. Although she tries to push through the thicket of people, she finds it difficult due to the constant moving and density of the crowd. She stumbles due to being pushed from an unexpected angle, and then comes up with an idea. She starts to scream and jump around, looking at her feet. "SNAKE!!!" The force of her jumps jostle the people around her and many people become aware of the chaos that she is creating. As the people around her look around bewildered for the snake, beginning to stumble around, their fear increases. Did that dust just move? Did I just feel something on my leg? They don't seem to notice Kaya pushing through, impressing slight hallucinations into people's minds as she touches bare skin. As she gets out of the crowd, she slips away into the streets, making sure to avoid the attention of the guards as she checks for her belongings.

For whatever reason, your character finds themselves in an ancient tomb, the walls thick with brambles and foliage. From up ahead, you spy what appears to be a shambling mound of something. It pauses, quivers and moans. What do they do?
  Kaya quickly crouches behind a pillar, peeking out to watch the strange mound. She draws one of her daggers which is in her belt, and stealthily advances so that she can get a better view. Ensuring that she isn't seen is fairly easy for her because of the way that she can move quietly and nimbly on her feet, and so the creature doesn't notice her. As she peers around the foliage that she has ducked behind, she notices a pool of blood accumulating around the creature as it tries to drag itself in the direction that it was going. She quickly scans the area for any sign of activity, and after making sure that there was no immediate danger to her, she moves up to the creature. By the time it notices her, she's already beside it. If it were to snap at her, she would've been able to dance out of the way due to her current pose. However, it doesn't seem to be agressive, and it lets it's head rest on the ground in resignation, an obvious sign of it's dwindling strength. Kaya sheaths her knife and takes her bow off her back, and then kneels to wash the wound. The creature lets out a roar due to the stinging pain and bites at Kaya, but is met with a firm hit on the snout from the already expecting Kaya. She rests her hand on the heaving side of the animal which is sticky with blood, and casts a spell in order to relieve the pain briefly. She quickly stitches up the wound and cuts the thread, and releases the spell, now more fatigued than before due to needing to hold the spell. She binds the wound with a long strip of cloth to keep the stitching clean, then backs off, tossing a strip of dried meat to it which it snaps up out of the air. While the mound is distracted with the piece of meat, she vanishes as quickly as she had appeared to continue her exploration.

--Magic Application--

Magic Biography:
  During her childhood, Kaya occasionally saw people with trinkets and were fairly used to her parents using magic from time to time. She never thought much of it and figured that she'd learn about them eventually, when the time came. She always enjoyed watching the effects of magic however, and frequently wondered where it came from, how it worked, and if she could somehow do it.
  One particular day, she saw a very tall looking man with a shimmering amulet hanging from his waist, and couldn't stop herself from asking about it. She ran up to him and he stared down his nose at her as she excitedly asked about them. He crouched down so that he was eye to eye with her and in a rather scary voice, told her "It helps me do... special things." As he said this, the world seemed to morph around her and she was suddenly in a room, talking to a snake that was coiled around her. She screamed and tried to stumble backwards, and was caught by the man who seemed to appear out of thin air. The world seemed to spin, and before she knew it she found herself back where she first saw the man, dazed. The man seemed to have completely vanished, and she started sprinting towards her dad, who was standing a couple of feet away. When she told him about the encounter, he explained to her about the specifics of magic, and when they returned home he gifted her with a low level illusion trinket.
  The following years, Kaya has worked to perfect her magic skills and is always looking for new trinkets to learn more about her attributes. Although she has a general idea of her attributes because she has a strange attraction towards certain trinkets, she's still always happy to aquire a new trinket. So far she's discovered that she has Holy and Illusion attributes, but she can't help but feel a strange connection and amazement when people use other attributes. She has also worked hard to hone her abilities so that she can start to use some of her abilities without trinkets, but they are extremely weak.
Please describe the magic system, including its limitations in your own words:
  Because of the diluted nature of magic in this world, it can only be cast using special trinkets which are fine tuned to target certain aspects of magic. There are multiple different aspects, which can be used to control different things in the world. A person who is gifted by the god Bothimir at conception with magic is able to use magic by having a trinket that matches one of their aspects and channeling arcane energy through it in order to affect something that a person is touching or has a direct line of sight with. However, if someone channels too much energy through a low power trinket, then the trinket may break or even explode. Some people are also able to use magic without trinkets, however it takes a lot of practice similar to any skill, and people will not be able to cast high level spells without trinkets.
   A person can have 1-4 magical aspects that they are able to learn to control well based on their race. However, they can control all other aspects to a medium level. While people may be born with magic, they need to practice their magic skills and train in order to become more powerful. Few people can cast without trinkets, and those people are normally very adept in magic and can only cast fairly weak spells with the absence of a trinket.
Please describe how you would use a weak trinket with your characters first/only aspect:
  As she walks along the trail, Kaya hears a slight snapping of a twig in the woods. It's obviously something heavy because of how loud the snap was, so she slides behind a tree to listen and watch the path. Eventually she sees a thin man come out of the forest, looking around slightly bewildered. It's obvious that he hasn't eaten in a couple of days and he has been robbing people for food or money, due to how dirty and thin his figure is as well as the large dagger that hangs from his hand. Reaching down to touch her trinket, Kaya focuses on channeling magic through it and beams as a loud crash sounds in the woods behind her. She stifles a giggle as he looks around, alarmed, and bolts in the opposite direction when he hears a few more (Much quieter) sounds in the woods. With the man gone, Kaya continues to travel down the road, having avoided a fight.
07/15/2019 3:21 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
This application is Accepted.

Thank you for your edits and adjustments! Things look like they work out much better in your application with the character's progression through the history of the world they're being brought into. However, for your second RP scenario, note that blessings do not need to be held as spells. Once they're cast to relieve pain and provide quicker healing, they remain until fading away after a while on their own. Also, while the first one's snake concept may work, know that illusion magic is incapable of tactile illusions. Illusion cannot make anyone feeling something on their skin, nor force anyone to think in any specific way.

Furthermore, in your magic system, it is incorrect that people can cast any spells at all without a trinket. No matter how adept a mage is, they absolutely require a trinket to cast, there's no getting around that. The only exceptions are beast races and half-demons who have natural casting, and even then they may only learn how to cast naturally up to a medium level of their magic.

So long as all of that is understood and accepted, welcome to Saphriel!

We use a custom Conquest texture pack and item pack!We also recommend Forge, MPM, and Optifine. While not required it's heavily suggested to use the item pack if nothing else or face strange and missing textures.Instructions on set up can be found here.We currently use 1.12.1 Forge.
07/07/2019 6:59 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
This application is Denied.

Thank you for your patience! Unfortunately, I'll have to deny this application due to the character's backstory details. To start, Silverinmir, the home of the High-Elves, would have fallen alongside the rest of Manadh Calad far before Kaya's birth, 46 years ago ICly. Furthermore, the character is extremely young for a High-Elf to be learning and acting in careers such as the mercenary profession. It'd be more likely in all cases that she would end up in an orphanage, being tended to by the matrons until old enough to leave. And on a final note on the backstory itself, the character may not be the direct heir of a noble line, regardless of the power of their family.

The magic application also requires a bit of work! First off, the magic limitations section is lacking in details such as the requirement of line of sight to cast, the need for Bothimir's gift and potential to cast, and further explanation as to how or who can cast without a trinket. On the topic of the 'mana pool,' the amount of total highest-level spells does not increase the more someone trains with their magic. If a powerful mage trains for years with their powerful trinket, they will always only have five spells available for their use.

Please edit and adjust for these issue in the application as is necessary and poke me once ready for another edit! Should you have any questions, please direct them my way and I'll be sure to answer them at the earliest expense.
06/14/2019 2:47 amhistory
Level 16 : Journeyman Skinner
-Minecraft IGN: Syaotsu

-Do you have any prior roleplay-related experience, if so could you give an example?: I’ve been on quite a few servers over the years, from places like Alaurin to lesser known servers such as Lucridem. Aethier was also a place I have spent time on, but the inflation of their money system got too much for me to try and earn anything.

-Define Power-gaming in your own words: Powergaming is when someone forces actions upon other things, without any chance for that thing to resist. It also includes making a character act at their best in a situation that they should otherwise be failing in. A good example would be someone in a fight saying a weapon hits the other participant, without giving leeway for them to counter or even react at all.

-Define Meta-gaming in your own words: Metagaming is when a character acts upon information they otherwise would have no access to in any way. Knowing something is happening down the street in the sewers because people were talking about it in OOC does not allow that character to investigate such things, without noise or other indications ICly that it is happening.

-Define Role-Playing in your own words: Roleplaying is a way to become someone you won’t ever have the chance to be in your own life. It is a way to explore stories and personalities of characters that you have direct participation in. Unlike reading a book or watching a movie, roleplaying allows someone to effect a story in a fluid manner having their own actions change the outcome of something. Which with other kinds of entertainment, you just normally can’t do.

----IC Info----

-Character name: Cessair

-Character race: Ash-Elf

-Character gender: Male

-Character age: 73

-Character Occupation: Berzerker, Woodworker, Stoneworker.

-Character description:

Cessair stands at a height of 6’4 not being the shortest of Ash-Elves but not quite among the tallest. His skin appears to be slightly darker than the standard of his race crisscrossed with different scars, one of which was very prominently on the right side of his face. This scar spread from the bottom of his right jaw up to his ear, looking to be comprised of many smaller burns from what looked to be a branding marks stacked upon one another. On the opposite side of his face looked to be scars made by fingers digging into his flesh, caused by someone repeatedly holding the side of his head down. Both of these scars rested on either side of his dull purple hued eyes, unfocused most of the time unless something has caught his attention. His hands also bore deeper scars as well, carved into his flesh by rough cuts. Cessair has stark white hair, long with many braids tied down every part of his head. Under these braids laid a thick black and gold stitched bandanna which was always pulled tight against his head. He is usually adorned with a simple layered grey linen long coat that reaches down right above his ankles, with a belt that holds up two storage bags on either hip that wrap around behind his legs slightly.

-Character personality and traits:

Cessair holds a stale air about him, cold and restrained as much as he can be in his day to day life. Behind his eyes though people can tell he is holding back outbursts of anger, or other emotions barely kept at bay. If something is intense enough to break through his restraint, he is explosively emotional and violent. Reverting to a close to feral state of being, lashing out at the source of his pain or discomfort. He also has a hard time denying orders from other people, this being caused by years of pain coming from disobeying what he has been told to do. He even does his best to avoid getting others angry, for fear that they may punish him in a violent way as he has experienced before.

-Character biography:
The day Cessair was born his parents had already decided his fate in the world, one of silence and seclusion to avoid shame on their own families. This was due to his birth being the cause of two drunk elves, driven by stress of the Pact spreading across the free lands or other factors lost to time. Even though the war had not reached Silivrenmîr the information coming in about the numbers they possessed already trickled into the ears of each and every elf. Even Cessairs birth was overlooked by many as a spell was placed upon his mind, by his Mother. One that bound his mind to obey and if he did not he would be subject to intense pain until he complied.

But while he was bound to obey, and could only respond to the basic situations presented to him Cessair could see everything. He grew up behind a veil of pain, locked away by spellcraft so that he would not be able to sully his parents names. Given the basics of life, his parents wished only to provide the bare minimum to keep him alive until they could toss him out on the street without getting themselves in trouble. In this regard he was let ‘free’ when he turned twenty being turned out onto the streets of Silivrenmîr without much as a few coins to let him by. He was alone and completely devoid of any speaking skills neglected in his social education he was quickly pushed out of the city for stealing, left upon the forest floor to fend for himself.

Through blind luck, or lack of fear he survived out in the wilderness of Silivrenmîr. But even with his limited ability to communicate he knew what a crowd of refugees meant. Injuries spread across Elven bodies as more people poured into the capital to find shelter from the oncoming storm of the Pact War. Silivrenmîr was allowing those outside to take shelter within the city before the onslaught began, Cessair returning to the capital after five years in the wilderness. He was bandaged, clothed and cared for by the followers of Aderoth that stationed the retrieval of refugees into the city. But it wasn’t long before the drafts began, and the priests could not give Cessair the time needed for them to find he had been cursed.

Cessair was recruited, like many of the young men that inhabited the city. The pact were on the march and they wouldn’t stop when they reached the capital city. Being unable to speak or even deny orders of himself, his inclusion in the fighting forces was swift. The elf overseeing his platoons training was harsh to everyone, but Cessair became the perfect scapegoat a ‘Symbol of loyalty to the cause’ as it was said by that training instructor. This was because of his below average performance, being met with punishments he would accept without question no matter the pain. Be that a branding mark to the side of his face, or being held down while he was whipped repeatedly. Cessair always stood back up, and continued to do as he was told else he would feel the curse bring its wrath upon him.

Two years of this took place, each day he was awoken to perform tasks he wasn’t capable of fully completing and each day he was punished for it. He was used as a way for those in the platoon to take their aggression out upon something, his ashen skin giving them all ample reason to see him as lesser. That is until the Pact was on the horizon and all the soldiers were moved out into the field, Elves with terrified eyes looking out upon the horde that prepared to kill them all. But Cessair stood, without fear within him as he had gone through the pain of a thousand wounds, heeding the orders he had been given with two axes in hand. His fellow soldiers wouldn’t allow an ashen elf to stand taller than them, their pride saving them that day as they threw aside their fear out of spite for him.

It was a grueling fight in the end his platoon made it out with only the occasional injury, not having broken their formation through the fight before. But something stopped Cessair on the street as people evacuated around him, someone was stuck under rubble within one of the alleyways of the city hidden from sight as the noise drowned out their cries. Approaching his glazed eyes fell upon his father broken and bleeding under a stone pillar. He cried for his help but he didn’t even look at him like he knew who Cessair was, no sound of his name in recognition. With a tight grip he brought the axe down, landing a blow that silenced his cries as he walked away repayment for the torture he endured throughout his life..

Wiping the blood from his axe his hand pulled him up onto the carriage that was taking his platoon away, the ride ahead of them long and winding. They spent weeks upon that road, with no efficient forms of travel they often barely outran the horde behind them. Days spent on watch or fighting scouting parties that had located where they set down camp. Repairs had to be done by the soldiers themselves on their equipment, firewood and new handles for weapons to be made or collected. Cessair had an aptitude for it, repetitive simple work done through long periods of time and for once he wasn’t punished for doing it. Which is how he formed a deep connection with the work itself, a hidden joy that he couldn’t express lest it be taken from him.

Arriving at the gates of Barkamsted the war was right behind them, being ushered through the gates his platoon soon split ways Cessair being left on the streets alone once more. He found work quickly enough though, since he couldn’t deny the requests of other people, by chance he was offered a job at a mine within the city walls. Dangerous work, but needed to supply the city with a steady stream of materials for the war coming. Day in and day out he swung a pickaxe striving only to receive his next meal by the overseer, although this work was less torture than he had endured before among the elves. Through time his hands grew scarred from the work, being brought in alongside other miners to help repair damages to the walls of Barkamsted.

He remained in those mines for two years until his pickaxe hit the stone wall for the last time in a long time, he was blinded by pain within his mind as the curse that was placed upon him burned away from it. Cessair was overwhelmed by the chaos of everything he had experienced, all the fear and pain that he had endured crashing upon him like a wave. At the end of it all he was laid upon the floor of the mine, staring up at the ceiling. He was free from it all, but his past remained within his head crystal clear as he had aged all those years. Everything he had seen, that he had done or experienced all sat jumbled in his mind in an overshadowing gloom.

His life after his awakening from his mother's curse was spent making up for the time he had been trapped within his own mind. He dedicated himself to learning, first how to talk and how to read. Slaving over any books he could get his hands on as he used his mixed bag of skills to earn him enough money to educate himself throughout the years. Helping anyone he could as he attempted to make distance of the inner beast that he had been freed from, afraid that if he didn’t push himself to be different that he would go back to the way it was. So he worked as he always did, to fill the void that he didn’t know was there from his years being cursed. Moving from place to place doing odd jobs throughout the turmoil that the realm faced for years.

But in the end it wasn’t enough for him, he had to learn more as every night he woke in his sleep from the nightmarish life he had lived. He had to fill his mind with things so those memories would be buried under a sea of new experiences. Cessair searched for a place where people were gathering after all of this conflict, and he found it in stories of Falkvard. A bustling city that had been reclaimed to be used by any freefolk that could find their way there. Taking what meager possessions he had left, and his worn axes from Silivrenmîr, Cessair left for Falkvard.

-You’re walking around the markets at around noon. There’s a lot of people around you, still gathering their items as they prepare to shut down their many stands. Suddenly you feel a gentle lifting of your coin purse as a child graces you and soon after they take off sprinting. You have been robbed.

Cessair freezes in place for only a moment, his mind fighting with itself to keep him calm and collected as he begins a brisk pace after the child. He didn’t exhaust himself going after the child just going fast enough to keep them within sight as they tried to lose him. By the end of it all they had found their way into an alley, the child panting heavily bending over at the waist. But Cessair jogged up to the opening between buildings, a seething anger just under the surface as he spoke up.

“Give it back.”

The child moved away clinging to the coin purse as they pressed their back to the wall. Cessair approached each step strained as he held himself back from an outburst, to just snatch the bag away from the kid. As he turned though, his hand reached into the bag taking a decent few coins from within it tossing them on the ground before him. Because he understood what living like this child was like, but he couldn’t live without his money either sparing only what he could.

-You’re heading back to the city through the woods when you hear a whining coming from nearby. Upon further investigation you come across a grey-coloured wolf that appears to have its leg caught in a bear trap. Around it is three smaller lumps of fur, obviously puppies belonging to the trapped mother. Without help, they’ll all die, but wolf skins are quite valuable too, not to mention that the nearby farms suffer quite a bit from the wolf population.

Pushing aside the branches of the bush that blocked his vision, Cessairs gaze fell upon the scene before him. The sight of blood upon the ground shooting an instinctive rush of adrenaline through his body, his hands gripping tightly at his sides. Stepping out from his bush he approached the mother wolf, and before it could attempt to bite back at him he brought the back end of his axe down upon its head knocking it clean out. He wouldn’t take this hunters kill, as someone had to set this trap, but he did lift the three small pups up setting them in his side bags. As later that day he would bring them, for far more profit than a few pelts, to a breeder and trainer within the city as he couldn’t care for them himself.

-Magic Biography; Explain your character's magic through backstory application:
The sound of tearing flesh filled his ears, as he pulled the axe from the spine of the undead thrall before him pushing it down with his foot. Wild eyes scanned over the battlefield around him as the night blazed with trees set on fire from the chaos. An arrow found its place in his arm as he howled in pain, the bodkin arrow not meant for flesh but still filling his mind with a blaze like the fire around him. Then he saw something glowing in his vision, pulling his primal attention away from the arrow as he snapped the shaft so it would not get in his way. Another flash of that otherworldly glow made him sprint towards it, as he hopped over a fallen cart from the caravan.

Before him was an Orc, any importance of what it wore lost on the crazed warrior. But in its hands was something he couldn’t take his eyes off of, shrouded in a glowing light that he didn’t understand. Until a bolt of fire was aimed at him arcing through the air, but for some reason he moved earlier than he should. Instincts mingling with his gift for seeing magic, having told him he was in danger before he understood why. Rolling across the forest floor he pushed himself up and with a motion of his arm he wildly flung his second axe towards the Orc. As it moved out of the way it would be toppled down into the ground, Cessairs shoulder catching its attempt to escape as it tried to dodge.

Upon the ground there was a wild shuffle, for which his intensity and lack of fear won over with an enraged yank of his hands upon the stave. As he freed the weapon from the Orcs grip he would be kicked back, the glowing object held tightly as he tumbled through the dirt. The Orc picked up the axe he had thrown, charging him but with the stave he brought the end of the weapon up not even knowing why himself as a bolt of fire blazed from the end of the enchanted rod as a little voice in his head told him he could only do that one more time. The bolt of fire slammed into the Orcs leg sending it into the dirt before the ash elf, with a savage thrust he buried the tapered end of the magic staff in the fallen enemy as he used the staves last charge.

As the body of the Orc burned in front of him, he retrieved both of his axes from the ground he turned and ran towards more threats in the woods. His heritage had protected him, such vision warned him that something was dangerous to keep him safe. But he did not know how to control it as with no teaching and no way to explain what he saw, he just assumed that it was normal for everyone since there was no information to tell him otherwise. So his fighting continued until the trees in the forest stopped burning, and the caravan had been set upon the road to Falkvard once again.

-(1 paragraph)Please explain, in your own words, the limits Ash Elves have placed on them:
Ash Elves have the unique ability to connect with magical artifacts in a way that empowers their properties, causing them to either increase in efficiency or many other side effects. They can also detect the magical properties of trinkets and more easily identify the effects of magical artifacts. But in trade for this they have no access to any conventional means of spellcasting, only that which is provided to them in enchantments.

-Please give a description of the magic system in your own words:

The magic in this world is only accessible by artifacts known as trinkets, and how powerful of a spell a caster can use is determined by their trinket. Higher quality trinkets yield access to more powerful spells. While this is the primary factor for how strong a spell can be, if the mage doesn’t have the skill to cast a spell they won’t be able to perform it. Each rank of magic grants access to more spells and spell slots that the mage has access to, causing spells below their highest tier to become easier to cast while they gain spells of an improved strength. Gaining these new ranks and spells requires work often a few weeks to a month, but in total time about half a year is required to reach divine rank. Some races have access to magic innately without the use of trinkets, and while this gives them more freedom in their spellcasting they are limited to only casting at a medium level of power. All of these spells require a direct line of sight to their target, or in the uncommon case they may be done through touch if someone is close enough.
06/22/2019 9:04 am
Level 1 : New Miner
This application is...


Congratulations and welcome to Saphriel! Thank you for the edits, I'll add you to the whitelist asap.

We use a
custom Conquest texture pack
item pack!
We also recommend Forge, MPM, and Optifine. While not required it's heavily suggested to use the item pack if nothing else or face strange and missing textures.

Instructions on set up can be found

We currently use 1.12.1 Forge.

06/15/2019 4:03 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
This application is...


First of all, hi and thank you for applying to our server! We appreciate you choosing us. Unfortunately there are a few things you may need to edit before I can accept this application, mostly minor things that can be easily elaborated on or changed as we need.

First of all is his eye color. There isn't a mention of it, but we'd prefer to know mostly so that we know how he looks overall. Remember Ash Elves can have any eye color so you have a lot of choice!

Secondly is the curse. I need you to elaborate on what you mean by '
act upon only the basics of his intelligence.' This can be very subjective, so if you could mention next to this part in your app what it means, that would be great so we can decide whether it would actually make sense for him to have such a curse or not. My personal suggestion however is that instead of making it so that he couldn't use all of his intelligence, make it so that he has long term memory issues due to the curse and cannot easily retain a lot of knowledge without actual effort because of it.

Finally, in the magic system you have forgotten to mention a couple of things! One is that it takes training to get to higher level spells even with a very strong trinket, and secondly that it requires sight or touch to cast a spell!

Once you've edited these things please let me know and I'll look over your app again.

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