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a city building / survival series

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created 07/17/2018 7:45 pm by trackff
Hiya All!!!
With the release of Minecraft 1.13, I have decided to start, (My First YT ever), city building / survival series with a few twists...
First off, Survival. ( yes I did say survival.) I do plan to build in survival which means mobs and resource gathering.
However to speed things along, I plan to:
Disable mobgriefing - either all of it or just the Endermen (like they do on Hermitcraft if you watch it)
Firetick / spread - will be turned off. (1.13 does seem to suffer from forest fires which cause a lot of lag)
And Finally.......
A Building materials Marchant.For this I plan to make it so I would have actually build the Depo or store first before I had access, then I would be able to buy or sell stuff.
For example a wood supplier would require I build a sawmill first anda stone supplier would require a quarry / mine etc.
To facilitate this I plan add a simple currency system, either by using command blocks and scoreboards, custom Villagers (which again would require a place of work and to be Purchased) or by using a Spigot Plugin.
If anyone can recommend anything I could use I’d be very much appreciated Income would be worked out at the beginning of each episode as:
(Base income * (Subscribers + 1)) + (likes * 10) + viewer rewards
Where: Base income = 100 and is * by the total Number of Subscribers + 1.As 100 * 0 = 0
The Date of last Count of likes/ Subscribers as of the Previous Video would be Dated in the Comment / detail section
Viewer Rewards: (Not in the First 10 Episodes or so)
I also plan to allow people to submit a building / location they want built along with Time scale to Complete it with a Payment on completion via an Email ( will be announced when open)While I have been playing since MC 1.8, I am a amateur builder so yeah this will be a challenge

General setup
I plan to play on a locally hosted Spigot server with At least Dynmap and World border installedThis is so I can provide a Area map overview / tour every 20 episodes or so.
I won’t be allowing others to join for at least the foreseeable future.If there’s enough interest I may open a Patreon account and transfer to a hosted server.
Episodes will mainly be Gameplay footage and timelapses.
If anyone can recommend any “free” / as good as editing or recording software that’d be very much appreciated. (I currently plan on using GeForce Experience’s Shadowplay.
And any Questions or Ideas..
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