Animators Needed To Hire!! (Blender CGI Animators)

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Hello everyone, Im hiring 3D Animators who use Blender to start a YT Channel Named BlockHead Animations.

Which this Channel will make animations based on the game Minecraft. A series named Nowhere In Minecraft and

Short videos from 2-5 based on this series and in other stuff in the game minecraft.

Here If you want to apply as a 3D Animator you need to have these requirements:

- Older than 12 years old (13 & older)

- To have an animated video made by you

- Using blender is recommended (if you are a mine-imator animator you can learn blender faster)

If you want to apply for this job you can apply in our discord: https://discord.gg/QaAmQ6X
Or to comment below for application saying:

-Your discord tag.

-Your skill rating in%

-Your Age

-Your avaiability in the net
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