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Archaeology Mod - Let's Play!

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created 12/14/2012 8:25 pm by CapnJames
Hello everybody my name is CapnJames and I have just started to continue my series for my quest for dinosaurs and adventure!

Episode 1 of this series was done way back in February, but the world got corrupted and well... I never finished. But, I have tracked down a 1.3.2 jar I had on a different computer and BAM! The series is now back and up and running!

I am using the Archaeology Mod! Which incorporates the ability to track down DNA and create dinosaurs! So please join me in this journey as I try and meet this goal!

Here is the latest Episode in the series!

Episode 5

And also Click Here! for the Series Playlist!

If you enjoyed my videos please rememeber to leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!
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