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πŸŽ‰πŸ’ŽCome join Royal Legion YouTube Group!πŸ’ŽπŸŽ‰

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created 10/13/2018 5:18 pm by KingKameronGames
last reply 10/29/2018 11:39 am

About us!

Hello! I'm Kameron and I am the owner of 'The Royal Legion'. This thread is for people who wish to grow their YouTube channel by collaborating with other members and making new friends.

We are all about supporting and encouraging everyone to succeed. Our aim is to give content creators the chance to expand on their fan-base whilst having fun and creating memorable experiences!

As a group, we have a few recurring series that everyone is invited to take part in such as UHC's and maps but we
also have an active SMP series as well as streams with the group. We are primarily a Minecraft group but other games are welcomed also! We also offer a private, reliable server for members to collab on.

Want to join?

There are some requirements:

- You must have a YouTube channel. There isn't a set number of subscribers, but it's preferable that you have videos and some viewers. Good thumbnails and channel art is also a bonus.

- You need to be able to record.

- Be mature. We're looking for people who really just want to have a great time here at 'Royal Legion'. There's no age requirement as we believe maturity is more important, but have a fun side with us :P

- Respect everyone. Royal Legion is a happy, accepting environment that welcomes everybody so please have an open mind.

- You need to be able to use Discord. The majority of the things we will do shall be on the discord channels.

- Be polite, friendly and happy to everyone.

The Application


YouTube channel link:




(You can message me this it if you don't wish to share it with others).

Describe yourself in 3 words:

What you think you can bring to the group:

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10/29/2018 11:39 am
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The Application

Name/nickname: Sam

YouTube channel link:

Age: 12

Country: England

Discord: SammyGB#6372

Describe yourself in 3 words: Joyful, Mature, Creative

What you think you can bring to the group: I think that I would make everyone's day Happier, and I would also participate in most things
10/16/2018 12:24 am
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How many members do you have so far?
10/16/2018 5:35 pm
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As of now there are 9 members, but since some people have a heavy school load and stuff like that, 6 of us are active a lot
10/13/2018 5:18 pm
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ο»ΏOops I did not realise the logo was that big, sorry :P




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