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Hexacon - Join our SMP!

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created 03/25/2019 10:27 am by PigCart
last reply 03/27/2019 2:24 am
About Hexacon:
This whitelist server is all about vanilla survival, but also customizing our experience with a handful of unique and simple datapacks, plus our own creativity. "Infinite possibilities" is our motto. We build anything from aesthetic structures, to farms and machines. Add in an economy, theme parks, and other attractions, and
things can get real interesting.
We used to be called "InfinityCraft", but we have since changed the name in anticipation of season two, and to avoid name conflict. We are currently going by the name Hexacon, an amalgamation of the words "Hexahedron Congregation", which was a joke that one of our members made on our Discord.

Our group is spread out around the world, and can continue to be diverse. We have a variety of ages, genders, orientations and ethnic backgrounds.

Season One Trailer: (This is before we changed the name to Hexacon).

You can find a list of our current members here:

Hexacon is for Youtube content creators
who take uploading consistently seriously, but also enjoy what they do, and enjoy working with other content creators. If you need that multiplayer series for your channel, this server is the place to create it. We welcome Twitch streamers, and content creators who use other family friendly video streaming/sharing platforms.

We frequently discuss all things related to the server on our Discord. These topics include artwork/logos, collaborative projects, suggestions for new ideas, storylines, announcements, trading/economy, and so much
more! We like to communicate a lot, so all thoughts and ideas are welcome and appreciated.

The Rules:

  • To be considered for Hexacon, you must be at least 16 years old.

  • Your main Youtube channel (the one you will upload Hexacon to regularly), must be family friendly.

  • All content that you plan to create on the Hexacon server, and about the Hexacon server, has to be family friendly. Discussions and video commentary about inappropriate content, bullying, mental health, racial
    and homophobic/transphobic slurs, trolling, flaming, politics and religion will never be allowed.

  • Pranks are totally acceptable and 100% allowed ;P

  • Griefing, stealing items, hurting or killing pets, and invading another member's privacy are not allowed.

How to Apply: Leave a comment in response to this thread with the following -

  • A link to your Youtube channel.

  • Tell us a little bit about your yourself.

  • Describe what your channel is about (briefly), and what we can expect to see in your videos.

We will watch some of your videos (if you have any, if you don't that's fine), get a sense of how you create content, and discuss this on our Discord server. If we feel you are a good fit for our team, we will send you an invite to our Discord, and add you to our whitelist.

We look forward to reading your applications!

Bonus: Vote for our name yourself

Poll ended 04/04/2019 10:28 am.

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Level 1 : New Miner

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03/27/2019 2:24 am
Level 1 : New Miner
C'mon folks, join the party! We have cookies! Season two starts soon, and will be in 1.14! If anything, join so you can play with my awesome friends who are so much cooler than I will ever be :D

- AlexIsModded

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