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| Join My Modded Survival Creator Of Worlds | Custom modpack

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created 11/28/2016 2:47 am by Kiwi8vjd
Hello Im Kiwi8vjd From my YT Group the Kiwi Crew

Im looking for people who would like to join in my new modded survival series.

On this server you will be competing against other people to show you are the best builder no matter what you're task to build is.

This is not based around PvP at all.

you can contact me on skype
: Kiwi Donto

Or join the discord link :


No Swearing well in Videos or in Skype calls.

You must be able to build better than wooden box houses.

Prove your Building Skill with a Screenshot Or a Video

No Greefing Or Stealing but friendly trolling is welcome.

You must know how to install mods.

Must be Somewhat Mature but i wont put an age min on it


Own a somewhat active YouTube.

Be Generally Active.

Know a little about mods.

Have a video example over a screen shot.

state your IGN and age in the request.

You don't have to subscribe but it would be very appreciated

Message me on Here/skype or discordif you want to join the competition
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